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What you need to know for 01/22/2017

Bullying a common problem that must be addressed

Student - Opinion

Bullying a common problem that must be addressed

Bullying is a problem everywhere; every town, every neighborhood, every school. Even though there ar

Bullying is a problem everywhere; every town, every neighborhood, every school. Even though there are rules and consequences that pertain to bullying it is still a major issue.

Most of the time the cause of bullying is jealousy, he-said/she-said arguments or just people looking for attention. In most cases it starts as cyber bullying; bullying on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and other Web sites similar to these.

Having dealt with bullying first hand once in 8th grade and then again a few months ago, I personally know exactly how being bullied can alter a person. Bullying makes you feel scared, insecure and defenseless. Scared to go to school and to tell anyone about what is happening to you. Insecure because you feel that there was something wrong with you that caused this to happen. Defenseless because it seemed that there was nothing you can do to stop it.

The first time I dealt with bullying it was started by a rumor. Someone said I was talking about them but instead of just asking me if it were true, I was subjected to taunts and name calling. Luckily the bullying stopped and I was able to move on.

The most recent incident, however, I was assaulted while on my way to get help. I FELT HORRIBLE! Luckily I had the help and support of my parents, friends and my school advisers and did not let this incident of bullying continue. I was able to walk away knowing that there is nothing wrong with me and proud that I did something to stop it. I told someone! Unfortunately some people aren’t as lucky as I was.

Something needs to change in order for us to feel safe again. Maybe more assemblies or clubs to help address the issue of bullying. Let’s make a change!

Liniha Morton is a sophomore at Schenectady High School

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