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Letters to the Editor
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Letters to the Editor for Jan. 17

Letters to the Editor for Jan. 17

Strock wrong; liberals are the ones who incite violent behavior Krauthammer column was put in its

Strock wrong; liberals are the ones who incite violent behavior

I take issue with Carl Strock’s Jan. 11 column regarding the immensely tragic and deadly shootings in Tucson, Ariz. It is clear that Mr. Strock intended to politicize this tragedy so as to not let a “good crisis to go to waste.” Leftist radical and street-level agitator Saul Alinsky would no doubt be proud of Mr. Strock’s communist-style effort to isolate, demonize, marginalize, smear and silence political conservatives — especially when those conservatives are viewed by would-be elitists as dangerous counterrevolutionaries.

I would like to point out that it is the “government can cure all ills” cultists on the liberal “left” who are the true architects of violent acts. The violent ones are not ordinary gun owners whom Mr. Stock disdainfully referred to as “gun freaks.” The violent ones are not tea party attendees, Republicans, or true Christians.

History clearly shows that it is the advocates of big government political-socio-economic philosophies such as Marxism, communism, socialism, Nazism and fascism who hold the world records for the mass murder of innocent civilians. Check the statistics in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Leftists do not like debate — they like to dictate. Leftists do not like to be questioned — they like to be obeyed. Leftists do not like opposition to their schemes — they deal with it with lethality.

The violent ones are not those who advocate adherence to principles of constitutionally limited governance. The truly incendiary speech and violence against mankind comes from the left — the total government end of the political spectrum.

If political rhetoric is becoming too shrill, vitriolic and potentially dangerous today, I ask, which right-wing, fascist, Republican thug, when referring to his political opposition, said “If they bring a knife, we bring a gun?” This low-class thuggish comment did not come from a Republican. Nor did it come from the mouth of Sarah Palin. It came from the mouth of Mr. Strock’s Democrat idol and president — Barack Hussein Obama.

H. Randy Morris

Rotterdam Junction

Krauthammer column was put in its proper place

Your Jan. 13 editorial page had a column [“Driven by mental illness, not politics”] by the ideologically driven, self-appointed sage and perpetually angry Charles Krauthammer, guaranteeing us that violent speech by right wingers played no part in the shooting of Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

We are told that the shooter’s behavior was due solely to mental illness, rather than politics, because “everyone uses warlike metaphors in describing politics.” Apparently Mr. Krauthammer has forgotten the pre-Civil War incident when a Southern member of the House shattered his cane in severely beating a U.S. senator at his desk after the senator had made an inflammatory speech against the South. The beater then received a large number of canes from his Southern compatriots, thereby establishing their approval of his violent behavior.

Your editorial staff is to be commended for showing proper disdain for Mr. Krauthammer’s article by printing the opposite point of view in both your editorial cartoon and editorial on the same page.

C.J. Guare


Vandenburgh knock on Sch’dy unappreciated

I often listen to WGDJ talk radio on my ride in to work. Talk show host and station owner Paul Vandenburgh often demeans the city of Schenectady; the other day he was calling certain city officials and anyone who lives in Schenectady morons.

I am a lifelong Schenectadian, as are many of my family and friends. I lived out of the area for a while and chose to come back “home.” I know that people associated with the radio station also have ties to Schenectady, were raised here and have family members living here.

I wonder how they feel about being called morons.

Debbie Gatoff


Nothing like a good disaster to satisfy Strock

Re Carl Strock’s Jan. 11 column, “After shooting, right wing is on defensive”: Strock is obviously a major fan of [former White House Chief of Staff] Rahm Emanuel.

As we all remember, the future mayor of Chicago is famous for saying “a good disaster is too good to pass up.” Well, Carl “Rahmbo” Strock is cut from the same mold. Yes, the occurrence in Tucson was despicable; any right-thinking person would and should condemn thoughtless killing, but Carl goes beyond that.

Mr. Strock appears to want to stifle political speech. Yes, he has, in the past, used “good disasters” to advance his minimalist agenda. He has railed against the police department, fire department, family court and, worst of all, criminal court, where he has on two occasions defended pedophiles.

This man’s agenda is up to his maker, not to me.

Bill Kouzan


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