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What you need to know for 04/26/2017

NFL players and owners should settle differences

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NFL players and owners should settle differences

A year without an NFL season: It almost seems unreal, but the fact is that the National Football Lea

A year without an NFL season: It almost seems unreal, but the fact is that the National Football League is getting ready to have a lockout next season. Could Super Bowl XLV be the last game we watch before the NFL takes a very long break?

The question we ask is why can’t the NFL just work out this dispute and put together a new deal to have a season in full for 2011? I mean the NFL is at an all-time high right now. The Jets–Patriots game drew the highest-ever high cable rating for a divisional game. There were 43.5 million people tuned in to watch the highly anticipated match.

This is not only a problem for fans. With a lockout looming, players will lose their health plans. That means if a player has an injury, they will have to pay for physical therapy themselves. If they need surgery, they will have to pay for it.

Then you ask the question about replacement players. (Yes, like in the movie “The Replacements” with Keanu Reeves.) It would give players a chance to play the game for the love of it and not for the money; it could give a player a chance at glory or to find a team after the lockout.

Then you have to ask yourself if this could just turn into a glorified Canadian Football League with replacement players taking over for the likes of Peyton Manning, Drew Brees and Adrian Peterson.

This lockout would kill merchandise sales; players can’t make money off their jerseys if the jerseys don’t sell. With so many people watching the NFL, what happens to the commercials? Companies need the NFL to get products on TV somewhere they know people are watching.

In all reality the best thing that could happen is the NFL plays their 2011 season. It will be better for the players, the league, the fans and the country. The NFL has turned into America’s Game.

Alex Beverly is a senior at Schenectady High School

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