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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Aug. 25

Letters to the Editor for Aug. 25

  • Obama in contempt of laws, Congress, the Constitution
  • Conboy wrong to revive charges in AT
  • Obama in contempt of laws, Congress, the Constitution

    Recently President Obama decided he wasn’t going to deport illegal aliens who were in school, had family members in the military, or were primary care-takers of others [Aug. 20 Gazette]. He’s only going to deport illegal aliens engaged in criminal activity, ignoring the fact that being in this country illegally is criminal activity.

    This is nothing more than the Dream Act brought to life through executive fiat. Twice this law was voted down by Congress, but why let a little thing like law or the constitutional process get in the way?

    When Obama couldn’t get “Net Neutrality” passed, he had his the Federal Communications Commission draw up rules that forced it on the nation. When he couldn’t get his cap-and-trade bill through, he had the Environmental Protection Agency announce new rules that could impact both countless farmers and huge segments of the power grid. When he couldn’t force “Card Check” through Congress, he made up for it by filling post with union cronies who have decided, in the case of Boeing, that it’s their job to tell a business where it can and can’t open new factories. And when he was ordered repeatedly by a judge to restart drilling after the Gulf spill, his people conveniently didn’t.

    It makes one wonder what exactly the point of having a Congress is, if the president can so conveniently create law all by his lonesome. In a sane world, these actions would be grounds for impeachment.

    The Legislature exists to represent our will in the law-making process. If we are now to be governed by “rules” created through an unconstitutional process, should we grant them any legitimacy? After all, if the president is willing to ignore judicial orders, contempt proceedings (re oil drilling), the law and the Constitution itself, why should any citizen feel themselves compelled to obey such things?

    I would urge the president to knock it off and play by the rules, but by this point in his presidency it’s clear he will not.

    David Welch


    Conboy wrong to revive charges in ATV accident

    Re Aug. 19 article, “Charges revived against owner of ATV; young rider died in crash”: I do not understand why District Attorney [James] Conboy of Montgomery County wants to reopen a case against a man who has suffered enough over the death of a boy who was riding an ATV on his property.

    Is it because Conboy wants to make a name for himself, possibly to pursue some political office?

    I think it is a shame to make a man waste time and money on a lawyer again to defend himself. It is also a waste of taxpayers’ money to go to trial, and a waste of court time and resources to go after a man who has already been through the process.

    It seems so frivolous to me.

    Theresa J. Nowicki


    No wonder the Postal Service is struggling

    We have all heard of the financial problems of the U.S. Postal Service, and plans to increase the cost of postage, close local branches and decrease days of delivery. But more professional service and better training of employees could help the postal service and decrease customer dissatisfaction.

    I have suffered numerous problems with home delivery from the Schenectady post office. I always confirm items have been mailed before I complain about their being missing. But after mis-delivering my bank statement, my postal carrier screamed at me in my hallway and dared me to make another complaint about her!

    Since that time I have had to complain about lost magazines and other correspondence. And calls to the Schenectady post office have not resolved the problem.

    Taking customer complaints seriously and increasing professionalism could help ease the financial burden of our local post office. So could better training, increased concern over customer complains, making sure carriers take their time when delivering and testing carriers for general literacy.

    We depend upon the post office for correct and timely mail delivery. When will the post office do a better job and honor our support?

    Katherine Delain


    Limits on congressional terms are what’s needed

    In light of current stock market losses, the weak economy and obvious lack of direction in Congress from both parties, U.S. Term Limits Foundation recently conducted national polling which showed that 83 percent of Americans support the idea of term limits.

    A Fox News poll showed that 78 percent favor term limits. My guess is that the true percentage falls somewhere between the two numbers, and I am betting that most Americans would welcome term limits for members of Congress.

    It does seem that we have too many career politicians who do little more than campaign for the next election. It might be time to support citizen participation and elect those who want to serve their country instead of taking advantage of what congressional office offers.

    But getting Congress to vote for term limits for themselves will be difficult; such a thing would required a constitutional amendment, and that requires a two-thirds majority vote in Congress and ratification by at least 75 percent of the states. Public pressure is what would spur Congress to make such a move.

    Write your congressman and demand that term limits be included in the next session. Be sure to follow up: If he does not answer, let him know you will vote him out.

    There are 27 amendments to the Constitution. We need 28.

    Allen R. Remaley

    Saratoga Springs

    SCCC gets an ‘A’ for creativity on recruitment

    Re Aug. 19 article, “Midnight event lures students”: Bravo to Schenectady County Community College on thinking outside the box regarding the Midnight Madness [recruiting] event.

    What a great idea and great way for potential students who aren’t available during normal business hours.

    Suzanne Gold


    Glenville car dealer’s sign goes over the top

    The people at Fogg’s Automotive are nice people, and I support their business. However I think the new sign that was recently installed in front of their business is an atrocity.

    There is no need for a bright neon sign flashing “have a nice summer” in Glenville. It is pointless, gaudy, tacky and a hazard, as it is very distracting to drivers. I can’t believe the Town Board allowed them to install it.

    Something like that belongs on the strip in Vegas, not in our suburban community.

    Jeremy Kergel


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