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Letters to the Editor

Online Letters to the Editor for Sept. 10

Online Letters to the Editor for Sept. 10

  • Don’t feed into the real ‘terrorists’ by attacking the United States from within
  • Southwort
  • Don’t feed into the real ‘terrorists’ by attacking the United States from within

    I have been an avid searcher for the truth, related to problems we United States citizens suffer at the hands of the people in our country, who would have us believe they care about our country, and are trying to bring about constructive change. I read the editorials and contributions on the Opinion page written by Daniel Weaver of Amsterdam, Rev. John Ekman of Saratoga Springs, Ed Reilly Jr. Niskayuna, along with paid journalists like [Robert] Scheer, [Richard] Cohen, and a host of others.

    Everyone is, of course, entitled to their opinion, but these folks are, along with a huge number of people, mostly following an agenda that has as its goal — the eventual destruction of everything that is held dear to patriots of the United States.

    They call the tea party members “terrorists;” they denigrate our military by criticizing the missions they are currently engaged in worldwide and question the past campaigns of the United States, calling these wars unjust, empire-building, genocide, oil-seeking; and, of late, they have expressed that the standard of living we have enjoyed is unfair to the rest of the world, so we need to be brought down.

    They espouse “global justice” — the United Nations as the entity we should all support and allow to set our goals as a country. It is in fact an organization we should leave, as it does more to cause injustice than it does to promote peace. They also attack our history, institutions, laws, wealth, and worst of all allege that we as a nation are selfishly causing all the rest of the world’s problems!

    They have been extremely successful at this “blame game,” taking advantage of the ignorance of the American voter — and, by the way, they work hard to fix the outcomes of our elections by cheating (the ends justifies the means), giving benefits for votes and accusing their opponents of misconduct to distract the voter and obfuscate the process.

    They are relentless and control our educational institutions, and all forms of media, and they infiltrate the other parties so that it doesn’t matter much during congressional voting insofar as this agenda is concerned.

    Lastly, they spend lots of money to keep their deceptions secret from their opponents.

    The truth is that our country has, in every way, been a beacon of goodness and justice throughout our history, and has done more to help the other countries of the world than any other country you can name. These people want to apply to the world an agenda that has proven to be a negative influence on ordinary people throughout the world and have no allegiance to our accomplishments as a nation.

    We need to exercise our rights as voters and take the control of our country back from them. Whether they are Republican or Democrat, they need to meet criteria of the patriotic citizens of the United States of America!

    Walter S. Marchewka Jr.


    Southworth represents the essence of the Independence and Democrat parties

    There is a primary vote in our town Sept. 13. I ask you to take some time between noon and 9 p.m. and cast your vote for Patti Southworth as our candidate for town supervisor on the Independence line and (Democrats) write her name in on the Democratic line.

    Patti is a registered member of the Independence Party and a strong supporter of non-partisanship. She is running with a team of Ballston residents who are members of different political parties for the good of Ballston.

    Her Republican opponent is trying to get his name on the Independence and Democratic line. He is neither, and does not represent what either of these parties stands for. This political move is at best dirty politics and it undermines our right to choose our representative. His lawn signs are on Republican properties to try to convince you of this lie.

    Patti Southworth is our full-time supervisor; she has provided our town with open discussion on issues and not just a one-party government. I’m proud of her work and how she has continued to keep Ballston rural while also using smart-growth techniques to improve our economy.

    We have seen every vote can make a difference in Ballston, so exercise your right as an American citizen and vote Sept. 13.

    A reminder: In a primary, voters can only vote in their party’s elections. Registered Democrats and Independence Party members can vote; there is no Republican Primary in the town of Ballston.

    David Stern


    The writer is a registered member of the Independence Party.

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