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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 08/16/2017

Letters to the Editor for Oct. 29

Letters to the Editor for Oct. 29

  • China’s unfair currency manipulation is killing employment in N.Y.
  • U.S. lied about bin Lad
  • China’s unfair currency manipulation is killing employment in N.Y.

    On Oct. 5, the U.S. Senate passed my legislation that would finally crack down on China’s currency manipulation — an unfair trade practice that has driven the elimination of over 160,000 jobs in New York over the past decade.

    For six years, I pushed this legislation because both Democratic and Republican administrations have failed to stand up and fight back against the Chinese government’s mercantilist practices.

    We’ve been in a trade war with China, and it’s not going that well. New York companies are fighting for survival with everything they’ve got, battling subsidized Chinese exports with a built-in price advantage of 20-40 percent, a direct result of China’s manipulation of its currency.

    The Chinese government manipulates its currency to advantage its exporters, and we do nothing but ask for more talks. Our failure to act, and the failure of the global trading community to act, has simply emboldened the Chinese government to adopt new policies and practices to boost China’s economy while torpedoing our own.

    American companies now must battle additional market-distorting practices sanctioned by the Chinese government such as lax enforcement of intellectual property rights, discriminatory indigenous innovation policies, export restraints on raw materials including rare earths, and heavy subsidization of Chinese state-owned enterprises.

    My bill gives the government the authority to impose additional duties on imports from [any] country that manipulates its currency. If an American manufacturer is being undercut by a Chinese firm that’s breaking the rules, it can request a tariff on the competing product to level the playing field.

    Our economy is crying out for action, and it is time we finally stand up for ourselves and fight back against these unfair practices.

    I hope my House colleagues will do the right thing, pass this bill, and send it to President Obama for his signature.

    Sen. Charles E. Schumer

    Washington, D.C.

    U.S. lied about bin Laden’s death to justify war

    Now that Moammar Gadhafi has finally been brutalized and butchered by his own people, and grotesque videos and images have been shown all over the world, and they waited over four days to bury him, is there anyone who still believes our government’s story of what really happened to Osama bin Laden?

    We were told that bin Laden had to be buried at sea within 24 hours of his death, according to Muslim law, and they told us bin Laden had been too grossly disfigured to let the images and videos be shown, to spare us the shock of seeing them. Wow! What a crock.

    The story about how the Navy Seals team got him was a complete lie and insult to all naval personnel. Of course, the whole team was sworn to secrecy to protect something — what?

    If you remember, bin Laden had not been seen since his hideout in the Tora Bora mountains was bombed in 2003. Our government had to keep him alive in American’s minds in order to justify our involvement in Afghanistan. For eight years we were shown the same old photo of bin Laden and some other creep walking down the same old mountain pass with their walking sticks, while in the background played a very gritty audio tape that our government says sounds something like bin Laden.

    If what we were told was true, why did they supposedly hurry up and hide the body? We know now that “according to Muslim law” was the mother of all lies to end eight years of lies. Bin Laden has been dead for eight years; your government lied to you, again.

    Neil Nusbaum


    No to county Legislature, yes to board of supervisors

    I have a solution for Schenectady County’s high cost of living: Change the management to what Saratoga County and many other counties have. Run it with a board of supervisors, instead of a county Legislature.

    Each legislator adds to the payroll with additional pay and benefits. If you have ever been to a Legislature meeting, you will find many empty seats for these people.

    The board of supervisors has more of a vested interest, as members have to answer to constituents from their respective towns for the decisions they make.

    The sales tax formula, very unbalanced now, could be realigned, and the towns could enjoy lower taxes.

    Our Legislature has shown its lack of management with a present fund balance of over $40 million! When Saratoga County had a large surplus several years ago, it gave it back to the towns to lower taxes on residents. Now that is management we need in Schenectady County!

    David W. Gallup


    Niskayuna school don’t need to spend so much

    Re Oct. 25 letter, “Why do Nisky schools need to spend so much?”: It is about time someone spoke up about Niskayuna schools! Hats off to Jim Vincent!

    I couldn’t agree more. Niskayuna is over the top. They need to get their house in order, just like the rest of us.

    Holly Foster


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