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What you need to know for 07/26/2017

Live in the Clubs: Ov Dust’s new lineup to play on Sunday

Live in the Clubs: Ov Dust’s new lineup to play on Sunday

Ov Dust is finally a band again. “We took our time finding people that we wanted in the band,” guita

Ov Dust is finally a band again.

About four years ago, guitarist D. Von Staub and drummer John Dario formed the Capital Region black metal outfit with a few other musicians. The lineup spent two years refining its sound, a mix of thrashing riffs and hardcore rhythms, before Von Staub and Dario decided that the project wasn’t moving in the direction they wanted, and dismissed the other players.

The duo spent the next year and a half writing and recording their first album, “Resurrection of an American Heretic,” with Von Staub handling bass and vocals as well as guitar. By the time they released the album in February, the two were itching to play live again — but they needed other musicians first.

“We just kind of got beyond — where we wanted to actually be a live act instead of just a recording thing,” Dario said from a diner in Albany, with the rest of the members of Ov Dust — now including bassist Jason Jette and vocalist N. Dru Virus. “It got to that point.”

Diecast, with Ov Dust, Through The Flood, Spire, Isvari, Approaching Infinity, Now There Is Only A Signal

When: 7 p.m. Sunday

Where: Bogie’s, 297 Ontario St., Albany

How Much: $15 (doors); $12 (advance)

More Info: 451-9463,

New members

Jette came on board in the spring, playing a handful of shows with the band as a three-piece. Virus, a veteran of local industrial rockers Doomsday Virus, joined up with the band in June, and has since played one well-received show with the group.

“We took our time finding people that we wanted in the band,” Von Staub said.

“We’re too old to put up with band drama and stuff,” Dario added. “We just wanted guys we could hang out with, and that could contribute.”

With Jette’s rumbling, distorted bass and Virus’ growling vocals now in the mix, the band is moving beyond the black metal tag. A new two-song single, “Stir Ov Echoes,” recorded by Don Fury, showcases the indie and industrial influences Jette and Virus have brought to the fold.

The new four-piece lineup will play its second show at Bogie’s on Sunday night, opening for Diecast alongside Through The Flood, Spire, Isvari, Approaching Infinity and Now There Is Only A Signal. Now that the band has fully jelled, they’ll be looking to play more shows locally and across the Northeast in the near future.

“It’s just been a matter of getting us up to speed before we can start looking for shows in other cities and stuff,” Dario said. “And now that we are up to speed, we are working on getting back out to Worcester [Mass.] and maybe a few other places out west.”

Von Staub and Dario first began working together in Circle of the Tyrants, a tribute to Swiss metal band Celtic Frost (“Resurrection of an American Heretic” actually closes out with a Celtic Frost cover, “Dethroned Emperor”). The two are still the major creative forces in the band, with Von Staub usually kicking off the writing process with his guitar riffs and Dario writing most of the lyrics.

But with Jette writing his own bass lines and Virus bringing his vocal style into the mix, the band has become more democratic.

“We don’t go at it with like — ‘All right, we need to sound like this,’ ” Virus said. “Everyone just kind of does their thing, and somehow it all works itself out. There isn’t a whole lot of, ‘This is what we’re doing with this song.’ ”

“Yeah, this band for us is really about playing music that we like to play and want to play, not about appeasing some specific genre,” Dario added.

Virus wasn’t initially sure how his vocals would fit in with the band’s full-on thrash assault. Von Staub and Dario both insisted that Virus was the only vocalist they wanted to work with in Ov Dust, however.

“When we saw [Virus] play with Doomsday the one night, I was like, ‘If we get a singer, that’s gonna be the singer,’ ” Von Staub said. “That’s the only vocalist I want to deal with right now. I don’t want anyone else to try out; it’s gotta be either N. Dru or it’s not gonna happen.”

“And I never understood where they were coming from with that,” Virus said. “But they saw something that they thought would work, and I didn’t really understand how it would work until I started doing it.”

Filling out sound

Jette, who brings psychedelic and progressive rock influences on bass, has helped to fill out the sound, to the point where the band doesn’t need a second guitar player. “Jason walked in with this monster bass sound that was just nasty and dirty, and I’m like, that is it,” Von Staub said. “Second guitar player — we’ve got a bass player.”

“It wasn’t necessarily that I changed up a whole lot,” Jette said. “I just played [the older songs] the way that I feel it as opposed to the way [Von Staub] feels it. And then the newer stuff that we’re working on is developing more of playing bass parts with my feel.”

The band is currently working toward a new album, and hopes to work with Fury again.

“I’m sure every band says the same thing — ‘We’re just so unique,’ ” Von Staub said. “We’re not all that unique. It’s just, it doesn’t sound like something I actually really have heard yet.”

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