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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 01/23/2018

Letters to the Editor for Jan. 16

Letters to the Editor for Jan. 16

  • Cuomo’s plan for casino gambling would be bad for New York
  • Planned Parenthood has no plac
  • Cuomo’s plan for casino gambling would be bad for New York

    Re Jan. 8 Carl Strock column, “Hot idea to zing economy: shoot craps”: I am opposed to our governor’s proposal to site more gambling casinos in our state.

    Carl Strock accurately described how the social costs of gambling far outweigh its revenues.

    Moreover, every dollar spent on gambling is one that might better have been spent on food, clothing, other necessities or more beneficial forms of entertainment.

    In years to come I believe that lawsuits will be filed against the state and/or gambling facilities on behalf of persons claiming they were not informed of gambling’s addictive nature, similar to what was done against the tobacco industry.

    Not only am I against gambling, but I am also against the state’s advertising of it.

    The [Lottery’s] “hey, you never know” advertising program further attracts people, particularly those of low-income level, to squander what little money they have.

    Up to now, the governor has taken good and proper steps to remedy our state’s financial problems. Bringing in more gambling facilities should not be included among such measures, as the hidden social costs of the gaming industry far outweigh any advantages.

    I implore our citizens and representatives to oppose any measures adding gambling facilities in New York state.

    William J. Vullo

    Burnt Hills

    Planned Parenthood has no place in education

    Re Jan. 11 article, “Sex ed dispute packs meeting on Shen campus”: Planned Parenthood’s expulsion from Shenendehowa comes as no surprise. What is both appalling and surprising is that it was there in the first place.

    Planned Parenthood is the single largest provider of abortion, and these facilities in any neighborhood should offend all of us. Every child lost to abortion subtracts one more life, one more universe of possibilities and talent from the future of this country.

    Planned Parenthood has been under investigation in cities across the nation on numerous charges, including aiding and abetting sex traffickers seeking abortions for underage girls. It’s preposterous that taxpayers are funding Planned Parenthood to the tune of nearly $500 million per year and denying hundreds of thousands of babies the right to be born.

    Not only should we get Planned Parenthood out of our schools, they should be run out of our country.

    Brigid Rufo


    What’s really going on with Shen sex ed dispute?

    Re Jan. 11 article, “Sex ed dispute packs meeting on Shen campus”: “Knowledge is power,” one woman stated at the Jan. 10 Shenendehowa school board meeting, to which all agreed.

    That is the issue. Is knowledge of the truth really known? Not much could be settled at this meeting, but one thing is sure: Both sides must come to the table and be willing to listen to the full story. Both sides propose a sex education curriculum that is knowledgeable, truthful and beneficial, but until we see and hear both sides, who’s to judge?

    I hope the school board plan to initiate the next step in resolving this issue will invite both parties, parents and not just organizational leaders, to the table to consider the claims of both the comprehensive sex education and the sexual risk avoidance curriculums, and then decide what is in the best interest of our kids, because it is too important to not know the truth!

    Sue Groh

    Ballston Lake

    Amsterdam council must reappoint city attorney

    Re Jan. 4 article, “Council discord begins 2012”: The question of the mayor having the right to choose the city attorney is made more clear when one considers that Mayor Anne Thane repeatedly stated that she planned on keeping Gerard DeCusatis as city attorney.

    During the election season, the mayor was asked many times if she would reappoint Mr. DeCusatis if reelected. The answer was always in the affirmative. This question was raised repeatedly in an effort to weaken her position. Yet the electorate rewarded Mayor Thane and her staff for four years of diligent work with a victory

    The voters made their choice, the mayor made her choice; now it is time for the Common Council to make its choice.

    Philip Lyford


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