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What you need to know for 01/16/2018

McLoughlin Take 2: Do 2 sneezes require 2 blessings?

McLoughlin Take 2: Do 2 sneezes require 2 blessings?

Let me ask you something …

Let me ask you something …

• How can the citizens of Troy fail to be proud of City Council member Kevin McGrath for explaining from the witness stand that yes, he was convicted in federal court of felony conspiring to distribute more than 100 kilos (220 pounds) of marijuana but that he, McGrath himself, never saw more than 10 pounds of the weed at any given time and besides, he never did make much money dealing drugs?

• Whaddya think, is it possible that Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli, in his loud opposition to Gov. Cuomo’s Tier Six scheme, just might be playing surrogate for Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who, in a more low-keyed voice, wants his sponsors, the public employee unions, to know that yes, he is open to some cost-savings but nothing radical, OK boys?

• Hey, am I the only one who never knows what to do when someone sneezes twice in rapid succession; I mean, does one “God bless you” suffice for both kerchoos or must there be two and how much time must elapse to mandate the two?

• I think that Sen. Roy McDonald wants you to believe that it’s no big deal, but can it be a good thing when the Republican committee in his old hometown, Wilton, the place of which McDonald once so boasted, endorses Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin (no relation whatsoever) to replace their once-upon-a-time favorite son in the Senate?

• Now that a couple of local TV stations (thankfully not mine) gave away free gasoline to get you to watch their news during the February ratings period, is it really a good thing that I have been thinking of giving away one GALLON of gasoline each week (no way can I afford a full tankful) to entice you to watch me?

• Which is more likely to get Rick Santorum elected president: His assertion that Satan has set “his sights” on America, or his apparent comparison of the Obama presidency to the rise of Nazism before World War II?

• And speaking of sneezing etiquette, have you noticed that many people now drop the word “God” from “God bless you” and just say “bless you,” much in the same spirit as those who wish you “happy holidays” now and not “merry Christmas?”

• Has anyone told Gov. Cuomo that he can rest assured there ain’t nobody who compares him with Gumby?

• And has anyone up there in Saratoga Springs figured out how to make money off the bedbugs come racing season, like maybe T-shirts with pictures of the little critters instead of the copyrighted racehorse images?

• Why do they keep writing these stories about New York’s own Cardinal Timothy Dolan being on the “short list” of possible papal replacements when everyone knows, or should know, that despite the idea that he has a garrulous, intelligent and affable way

about him, it’s more likely that a Mormon be elected president than an American elected pope?

• Be honest now, did Billy Crystal not prove that you can do a good job hosting something like the Academy Awards without being blue or mean-spirited?

• I know, I know, Mitt Romney did win the Michigan primary, but is that how you wrap up the blue-collar vote, by announcing that your wife “drives a couple of Cadillacs, actually?”

• Does anyone have any idea what they call this white stuff that keeps falling from the sky as I write this; looks real purty and such, but tell me, does it fall every winter?

• Could there be any better argument than the ongoing Troy voter fraud trial — where Democrats set out to steal the 2009 Working Families Party primary — against cross-endorsements by minor parties (New York being one of just seven or so states to allow it) and their insidious tail-wagging-dog effects?

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