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What you need to know for 01/21/2018

McLoughlin Take 2: So many questions, so few answers

McLoughlin Take 2: So many questions, so few answers

Let me ask you something …

Let me ask you something …

• Does this mean that Eliot Spitzer might become a Secret Service agent?

• Whatever happened to all those political know-it-alls who smugly pronounced that Kirsten Gillibrand never would survive (Chuck Schumer’s little sister now holds a two-and-a-half-to-one lead over potential Republican rivals, according to the latest Siena poll)?

• Was I absent from school the day they explained why TV cartoon characters have only four fingers instead of five like the rest of us?

• This week, when we had to pay the IRS piper, which did you enjoy more: News of that $823,000 gathering of General Service Administration cut-ups in Las Vegas, or the government-paid junket for seven days to Hawaii so five GSA employees could attend a one-hour ribbon cutting for a new FBI office in the 50th state?

• Speaking of Gillibrand, did she not slice and dice Michele Bachmann into a virtual mirepoix on NBC’s Meet the Press last weekend?

• Have you ever known anyone who has urged anyone else to run for public office, as so many politicians go around claiming these days (latest example: Albany Councilman Dominick Calsolaro telling me that, coincidence of coincidences, on the very day that Ron Canestrari announced he wanted more time to himself, people had urged Calsolaro that morning to run for that Assembly seat)?

• Am I not absolutely correct in suggesting that Dick Clark’s good guy persona helped to save rock ’n’ roll in the late ’50s, what with Elvis off in the Army, Jerry Lee marrying his 13-year-old cousin and Buddy Holly and Eddie Cochran dead from separate accidents?

• You tell me: Should we not be very, very proud of our lieutenant governor, Robert Duffy, for being honest and paying taxes on his $2,628 in winnings at the Saratoga flat track or should someone introduce Duffy to that little old lady in every community who supplements her Social Security payments by cashing winning tickets for other people?

• Speaking of four-fingered cartoon characters, could it be evolutionary; could watching too much Peter Griffin leave us all with fewer digits?

• Were it not for those stomach-turning animal cruelty stories, is it likely that one or two local TV stations might have no clue what lead story to go with on any given night?

• Oh yeah, does your IRS medicine go down more easily, learning also that GSA shelled out up to $330,000 to relocate one of its favored employees from Denver to his new assignment in Hawaii, only to have that son-of-a-gun quit a year later?

• Whad’ya think, any chance the North Koreans might invite back all those foreign journalists to watch their citizens scarf down a couple of square meals?

• Am I the only one who feels that College of Saint Rose product Jimmy Fallon is now the most talented of the late-night chatterers and that easily he could take over for Leno or Letterman right now?

• Sure it’s wonderful that Pizza Hut has come up with a superbly beautiful new pizza that has hot dogs wrapped into the crust, but my question: Do they make free deliveries to cardiac wards?

• Not suggesting in the least that Camp Obama was pleased by that stay-at-home slur against Ann Romney, but who knows, maybe it provided a teensy bit of relief, talking about gender, where “O” leads Ann’s husband by 20 or so points, instead of issuing those stale responses about jobless rates?

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