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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 01/21/2018

Letters to the Editor for May 7

Letters to the Editor for May 7

  • Time to say ‘uncle’ to overspending government
  • Starting a war is a lot easier than ending
  • Time to say ‘uncle’ to overspending government

    I have an uncle with financial problems. As of Jan. 1, he was $280,000 in debt. But that’s OK, he makes about $43,000 a year. The problem is, he spends about $74,000 per year, putting him $29,000 further in debt each year.

    There is good news however: He’s figured out a way to get his finances in order. Next year, instead of spending $74,000, he’s only going to spend $76,000. Hmmm... that won’t work. He’s going to have to get more money somehow.

    He claims to now have the solution. He has a son who has worked hard all his life and become very successful. If my uncle could only get his son to pay his fair share toward my uncle’s overall welfare, he could bring in an additional $1,000 a year. That should solve the problem. But wait, my uncle has 48 other kids who depend on him, either partially or entirely, and they keep screaming that they don’t have enough. If he doesn’t give them more next year, they may suffer due to my uncle’s cruelty and lack of compassion.

    At this rate, my uncle can never get out of the hole he has dug. Did I mention that his is Sam, and he’s your uncle, too?

    A financial adviser would call this scenario insane, unsustainable, but we keep trudging forward (or maybe backward), as if we have a real plan, when, in reality, we’re continuing to spend 40 percent more than we make every year, with no end in sight.

    The numbers I’ve used are actual 2011 and 2012 (projected) budget numbers, rounded off and divided by 5 million to make them easier to understand. The $1,000 from Uncle Sam’s son represents the extra revenue Obama wants to bring in by taxing the wealthiest Americans. The “48 other kids” represent the 48 percent of Americans who pay no income tax. Everything is in proportion.

    America would have to nearly double its revenue just to break even every year, and it would still take 28 years to eliminate the debt. That would require doubling the taxes on every single taxpayer — not just the 1 percent.

    Can we really afford [that]? Isn’t it obvious that the real problem in this country is spending? There just aren’t enough tax dollars available to feed this grossly over-bloated federal government.

    Conversely, at the present rate, the national debt will double again in less than 10 years. This will not only rob everyone’s Social Security and other benefits, it will place a huge burden on the next generation. We are robbing from our own children. Is there anything more despicable than that?

    Jerry Groom

    Caroga Lake

    Starting a war is a lot easier than ending one

    President Obama’s recent proposal to wind down the dismal Afghanistan conflict [May 3 Gazette] again proves that it is a heck of a lot easier to start a conflict than to end it.

    The fact that we will still have troops there until 2024 has brought on the usual political growling. However it would be a far better situation than we have lived with as a result of most of our other major conflicts, i.e. World War II and Korea.

    We have provided rather large forces at NATO sites in Japan [and] Korea for over 60 years, and there is no end in sight for an end to these involvements. Time just flies by.

    Al Harris

    Ballston Spa

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