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McLoughlin Take 2: When was the Swiss Miss gonna tell us?

McLoughlin Take 2: When was the Swiss Miss gonna tell us?

Let me ask you something …

Let me ask you something …

• Too bad, is it not, the big stink over the naming of Ellen McClain as NYRA president, given that her heritage is half African-American and half Irish, two groups that historically have been more familiar with the backstretch than with the white-shoe confines of the boardroom?

• When the hey was Michele Bachmann going to clue us all in on her Swiss citizenship, after she moved the summer White House to Gstaad?

• When that disgustingly depressing anti-smoking ad comes on the screen, the one where half the victim’s throat and face are gone, do you do like me and immediately switch the TV channel, no matter what you were watching, and often stick with the new station?

• Oh sure, we’re supposed to believe that 18-month-old toddler who was kicked off a JetBlue flight along with her Muslim parents when her name appeared on a TSA no-fly list, was completely innocent, that she did not do something bad ... c’mon, really?

• Wait a minute, wasn’t Biden a supporter of the Defense of Marriage Act back in the ’90s when he was a senator?

• Wait a minute, when Barack Obama ran for Illinois State Legislature in 1996, did he not state clearly he favored legalizing same-sex marriage, only to “evolve” into an opponent when he ran for president, only to “evolve” (or is it “devolve”) into a supporter now that he’s a candidate again?

• Wait a minute, back in ’94 when Romney ran for the Senate, did he not promise “full equality” for gays and lesbians, which was interpreted at the time to include gay marriage?

• Wait a minute, how much of this “evolving” can a voter sustain before experiencing vertigo?

• Given the relatively light news coverage on the death of Carroll Shelby, is it not clear that the everyday news types have no grasp on his importance in the realm of automotive performance and design?

• Whom would you rather have sitting next to you on the plane: the trouble-making 18-month-old no-fly-list JetBlue baby girl or the E-Trade baby, who keeps hollering back to Mike in economy?

• Are you serious, Michele, a presidential candidate who also holds Swiss citizenship; I mean how fair is that, forcing the Secret Service to find all new friends in the Alps?

• And speaking of that controversial breast-feeding cover on Time magazine, did you catch the local anchorwoman who ad-libbed that lots of women simply do not have the (T?)ime for that, clearly an unintentional double entendre?

• What’s more troublesome for a presidential candidate: dual Swiss citizenship or a Swiss bank account?

• And Mitt, maybe it’s no big deal, you high-flyin’ corporate execs having Swiss bank accounts, but do you think voters have ever known a Swiss bank account holder whose name did not sound something like Trujillo, Batista or Luciano?

• Is there any dumber, “I can’t believe you just asked me that” question in the entire cerebrally challenged world of sportscasting than: “What’s your mindset going into tomorrow’s final round of this golf tournament?”

• Whadd’ya think all those flashy showbiz types talked about at President Obama’s $40,000-per fundraiser at George Clooney’s house? Maybe campaign finance reform?

• Don’t you wish they’d tell the well-coiffed sportscaster “my ‘mindset’, you idiot, is to beat the bejeepers out of the rest of the field and to win, OK?”

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