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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 01/22/2018

Letters to the Editor for Sept. 18

Letters to the Editor for Sept. 18

  • U.S. wrong to get involved in Syria’s battles; Israel’s, too
  • Radical Muslims threaten worl
  • U.S. wrong to get involved in Syria’s battles; Israel’s, too

    While I fully support the right of Syrian people to overthrow their repressive government, and I hope they can replace it with a real republic, I strongly oppose the United States involving itself in this conflict.

    The United States offers only military options and sanctions that will result in an even higher death count. Diplomacy is the best way to resolve the Syrian civil war. Such diplomacy must involve Russia and Iran if it is to be effective.

    Syria is a complex nation of many religious and ethnic groups. A sudden collapse of the regime could lead to waves of recriminations and massacres of minority groups, and years or decades of chaos. The nation is suffering from the strain of hosting 2 million Iraqi refugees and has also experienced severe drought in recent years, devastating farming and impoverishing millions, while sending food prices soaring.

    War on Iran is also a bad idea. Iran has neither attacked nor threatened the United States; thus a U.S. attack would be unprovoked and a violation of international law. Iran is surrounded by nuclear weapons nations — Pakistan and India to the east, Russia to the north, Israel to the west, and the U.S. Navy and Air Force to the south.

    The United States should reject the considerable pressure from the Israeli government to attack Iran. Iran has signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty; Israel has not. Iran has allowed some inspections of its nuclear sites; Israel has not. Iran has agreed to participate in a Middle East nuclear weapons-free zone; Israel has not. Why demand nuclear transparency from Iran but not Israel?

    The president of Iran makes racist and nasty comments and threats about Israel. However, he is not the ruler of Iran; the real power lies elsewhere. Iran will not attack Israel with nuclear weapons because it would face massive retaliation, probably enough to kill millions of people and destroy the nation.

    If Iran develops nuclear weapons, it would be to deter attacks. If we wish to assure Iran does not develop nuclear weapons, diplomacy is the way, not threats, sanctions and war.

    Tom Ellis


    Radical Muslims threaten world’s very existence

    Some psychiatrists have diagnosed radical Muslims as criminally insane. I concur. What is to be our response to an insane cult with the intent to kill and conquer?

    How could a rational human justify attacking innocent people in U.S. embassies? The reported trigger: The United States allows free speech and one stateside Egyptian Christian insulted Islam.

    Adding insult to injury, the United States just freed Libyans from a tyrant dictator. Both nations get large foreign aid, yet Egyptian and Libyan governments were complacent in the attacks.

    Iranian leaders are preparing for a nuclear attack on Israel. Iran’s leaders are fully aware many Iranians will die when Israel and the world respond. The mullah leader’s motive and justification for the resulting carnage is to initiate Armageddon. They believe Armageddon will herald an exclusively Muslim world order led by a prophet who will emerge from a well.

    I am repulsed by the politically correct and tepid responses to radical Islam. Our responses are reactive and don’t address the rapid spread of their cult.

    Radical Muslims are growing in number every passing day. Our way of life is in jeopardy, including that of moderate Muslims.

    Defense of America is the most important task of our federal government. Remind them often and suggest they stop playing childish games in Washington. Our future is in jeopardy.

    Wallace J. Hughes


    A place for out-of-work teachers: Chicago

    Talk about a “shovel-ready project,” here it is, right now: a Chicago school.

    Regardless of who is right or wrong, the most important action needed right now is assembling a school for children who need to be in school; a school that is not involved with the issues of adult disagreements.

    Kids are smart and impressionable, their awareness at a young age is much more than you and I can imagine.

    Unemployed teachers, we need your help. We would be sincerely grateful to you if you could stand up to share your knowledge, skills and kindness with the children of Chicago. Just because you are unemployed does not mean that you are not needed. Go to Chicago and teach!

    Give these children the education that inspired you. Be the source of inspiration for them. Show them what a person of integrity is all about. If you can be that person, you will have shown them all they need to know for now.

    Ann Byrnes

    Saratoga Springs

    Gazette great to have every day of the week

    Without sounding self-serving, it is a pleasure to read the Gazette on a daily basis.

    Papers such as the Syracuse Post-Standard, reduced to being published three days per week, should look to The Gazette as a model.

    The Daily Gazette has the right balance of national, local and sports to give the reader a good beginning to start the news day.

    Keep up your fine efforts.

    Jerry Bubniak


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