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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 09/22/2017

Cuomo a masterful maneuverer with Sen. Roy McDonald

Cuomo a masterful maneuverer with Sen. Roy McDonald

Cuomo a masterful maneuverer with Sen. Roy McDonald City-county sales tax deal needs renegotiation O

Cuomo a masterful maneuverer with Sen. Roy McDonald

Re: Your Sept. 20 front-page article ["Marchione lead slips; McDonald gets boost"] on the 43rd Senate District and other articles.

Gov. Cuomo has thrown his considerable political influence behind Sen. Roy McDonald who he describes as "a public servant with strong integrity."

Before his first election to the state Legislature, I had the opportunity to break bread with Mr. McDonald at a "get to know the candidates" function. He told me, in response to specific questioning, that his votes would always be aligned with the views of his constituency.

Consequently, I believe that Mr. McDonald deserves to lose his seat, not because of his gay marriage vote, but because he lied. One can argue all politicians lie, but not usually on a personal basis. I don't call that "strong integrity!"

Now, the governor should like Roy. He needed him to change his mind, abandon those who elected him, and vote in favor of that bill. And, Cuomo has used the Republican-controlled Senate artfully to blunt the influence of the Assembly speaker. It should be noted that McDonald harvested vast financial support for his "change of heart" from the same sources that supported Cuomo.

So why does the Democrat governor intervene in a Republican primary after the fact? Mr. Cuomo has solidified his power, triumphed over Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, and now only has to put the Democrats in control of the Senate.

He knows he can't control [Saratoga County Clerk] Kathy Marchione, who, if she prevails in the primary, would likely be elected. But if Cuomo can encourage McDonald to run even if he loses the primary, there are only two reasonable outcomes, both favorable to the governor.

First, if Marchione does not run, then Cuomo's man McDonald is elected. Second, if Marchione does run, then the Republicans are defeated on a divided vote and Cuomo's Democratic candidate wins.

What an enviable position the governor is in! What an artist!

Jay Murphy

Clifton Park

City-county sales tax deal needs renegotiation

I was shocked after reading that Mayor Gary McCarthy and his City Council colleagues voted in support of the county's eight-year sales tax agreement [Sept. 12 Gazette].

As the city's legislature, I would think they would have voted against the sales tax proposal based on what Councilman Vince Riggi said, "The city is being shortchanged." Councilman Carl Erikson said, "Our city received 44 percent of the sales tax in 1998. Getting the same percentage today would give $20 million instead of $11 million.

To help our hard-pressed city taxpayers, I am asking the mayor and City Council to renegotiate the county's eight-year sales tax agreement.

Also, I am asking the mayor to put [former budget analyst] Jason Cuthbert back on his city job. Jason was right on target when he said, "The city-county sales tax agreement is the worst in the state."

Finally, if the county legislators and Mayor McCarthy do not renegotiate the recently approved sales tax agreement to provide much-needed revenue for our city's hard-pressed taxpayers, then I am asking the people to vote out of office all the city and county legislators who are seeking re-election in November.

Frank Duci


The writer is the former mayor.

Obama continues to show he is unfit for the job

Within 24 hours of the news reporting a massacre of the ambassador and three other Americans at our consulate in Benghazi, Tripoli, the commander in chief was on board Air Force One winging his way to Las Vegas, looking to hustle a few more bucks. A city, incidentally, he once advised us all to stay away from.

If it had been a Republican president abandoning his post at such a critical moment, he would have been excoriated by the mainstream media. They chose to ignore it. They were there, however, to cover Mitt Romney's press conference, where seven of them representing liberal outlets -- National Public Radio and CBS -- were overheard colluding with each other in order to zero in on one "gotcha" question they would all ask. These people have been carrying Obama's water since he was nominated.

I harken back to the 2008 primaries where [Vice President] Joe Biden stated flatly, referring to Obama: "We cannot afford on the job training." The late Democratic congresswoman Geraldine Ferraro added back then, if Obama were a white man, he wouldn't be in that position.

It should have been obvious from the beginning that a community agitator from a corrupt Chicago with a total of 18 months in the U.S. Senate was completely unqualified for such a critical job.

Vito Spinelli


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