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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 01/20/2018

How is it that Gary McCarthy never seems to know anything?

How is it that Gary McCarthy never seems to know anything?

How is it that Gary McCarthy never seems to know anything? Obama foreign policy critic had it all w

How is it that Gary McCarthy never seems to know anything?

The city of Schenectady is now an American tragedy thanks to the constant missteps of Mayor Gary McCarthy.

As a councilman, he sold the [liens on] the Unitarian Church, Hindu Temple and Carver Community Center, with other foreclosed properties, to the American Tax Foundation [ATF]— and claims he “didn’t know.”

The city had a deal with [retired] Fire Chief Robert Farstad that would have considerably fattened the chief’s retirement pay checks. Mr. McCarthy said he “didn’t know.”

Schenectady was paying only interest and no principal on the Foster Avenue complex. Again, the mayor said he “didn’t know.”

What did he know when he was negotiating for an eight-year, limited-income, sales tax agreement? The county sales tax agreement was a betrayal by all who were involved, i.e., mayor, council members, lawyers, legislators, etc.

At a recent council meeting, Mayor McCarthy called the citizens who didn’t agree with the sales tax agreement “foolish thinkers.”

Negotiations of any kind required experience and understanding of the issues. Political hacks making deals with each other do not benefit the city. Politicos just want to make one another look good. It is no coincidence that Mayor McCarthy’s pet projects were part of the sales tax agreement.

Where was Jason Cuthbert during the negotiating process? Mr. Cuthbert was the city’s financial analyst. He worked with the city’s figures. He understood the numbers. He knew.

So, too, Councilman Carl Erikson. His knowledge and talent were also dismissed by his colleagues. Where was he during the negotiating process? He is the chairman of the Finance Committee and works with finances in the private sector.

In this day and age, we hear the common refrain, “get educated, go to school, learn a skill.” However, none of these activities matter when it comes to casting a vote for a loaded political issue. Then it’s a matter of marching to the beat of the drummer.

The fix is in. Out are education, understanding, professional skills, expertise, honesty and integrity. Bring on the amateurs, Schenectady.

Mary McClaine


The writer is a former candidate for City Council.

Obama foreign policy critic had it all wrong

Stephen Desmonie’s Sept. 25 letter [“Obama’s foreign policy is apologize and retreat”] made me wonder where he has been for the past three-plus years! It certainly couldn’t have been in the United States, as his remarks about President Obama are ludicrous at best.

I have to wonder whom his remark, “The terrorist know now that they can have their way with us,” was intended for. The terrorists know full well President Obama is the wrong person to get upset. Osama bin Laden, Fahd al-Quso and a host of other al-Qaida leaders will attest to this fact.

As far as our allies not trusting us, I would ask who are these allies and where did Mr. Desmonie get his information? I would also like to know why he calls the media “left wing” and a sham.

It seems when something positive is written about a “conservative,” it is called “good reporting,” but any press given to anyone of a different opinion is a sham. It seems our country has many “ostriches” with their heads in the sand, as they fear the truth.

The truth is President Obama didn’t retreat, but let our military take down those who would try to take away our freedoms. He has authorized more drone attacks to get these terrorists than what was done in the last administration’s almost-seven years of waging war.

Mr. Desmonie’s statement with regard to more unemployment and lost jobs, along with debt, is something out of Rush Limbaugh’s dreams. When President Obama took office, we were losing 750,000 jobs a month and the Bush administration saddled us with two unpaid wars that in the end will cost us trillions of dollars and the lives of thousands of Americans — not to mention the tens of thousands of wounded.

When this letter gets answered, I would hope it will be with facts of truth — not the ramblings of Rush Limbaugh.

Gary P. Guido


Attempts to exploit teen suicides are revolting

Many thanks to Kathleen Moore for her Sept. 30 Viewpoint pertaining to the use of the tragic teen suicides to further unrelated causes.

I have been feeling the same way for quite some time. The same individuals who now point to the suicides as a reason to get an award, highlight the cause du jour or get a grant, never set foot in the “four block” area or even responded to pleas from the community for help.

They make me feel like vomiting when I hear them speak of our loss.

Darlene Lee


The writer is vice president of the Hamilton Hill Association.

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