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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 01/16/2018

Romney plan doesn’t add up, even to a lifelong Republican

Romney plan doesn’t add up, even to a lifelong Republican

Romney plan doesn’t add up, even to a lifelong Republican Fireballers’ Sch’dy rally an unqualified s

Romney plan doesn’t add up, even to a lifelong Republican

I have been a registered Republican all my life. We need to elect Romney, Republican senators and representatives in the upcoming election. We have to stop the reallocation of wealth and reduce government.

We have to do away with the EPA [Environmental Protection Agency]. Who cares about acid rain if people can’t breathe? They can buy new inhalers. If we have oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico, people will learn how to drink oily water through evolution. (Wait, we don’t believe in evolution).

We don’t need to give student loans or Pell grants, their parents can lend them the money; besides we can import educated people from India or China.

We need to stop providing federal funding for schools, firemen and police, and do away with programs like Early Start, food stamps, unemployment, etc. This is just reallocation of federal funds. This money could be used to increase our military strength so we can fight a war on two fronts.

We have to stop providing federal funds to help people who have had floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. Let the states provide the service. Taking money from other states is reallocation of federal funds.

We need to stop regulating Wall Street. Although they caused the recession, they have learned their lesson and won’t do it again.

We need to build the Keystone pipeline. China has invested and owns a majority of mineral rights, we can still employe 6,000 people for a few years. India will supply the pipe, and with their record of leaks, we can employee more people cleaning up the oil leaks. When it gets to the Gulf, we can employ more people loading ships to China. They will be the highest bidder for their own oil.

We need to reduce the size of government. Lay off 20 percent of government workers and give the wealthy a 20 percent tax cut. This will increase employment (details after the election).

Did I mention I was a Republican?

John Baim


Fireballers’ Sch’dy rally an unqualified success

On Sept. 26, more than 40 teams of celebrities, including movie stars, space shuttle astronauts, female sports figures, CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and others, spent two hours exploring the historic city of Schenectady, guided only with clues while they tried to find several historic sites in an adventure rally that included passing out thousands of missing children fliers [Sept. 27 Gazette].

This movie and live streaming event could not have happened without the assistance of so many members of our local filmmaking community, small and large business owners, Scotia and Schenectady police departments, city personnel and the thousands who showed up to see the Fireballers in their million-dollar cars and support the cause of finding missing children.

Special thanks to Mayor Gary McCarthy and Rep. Paul Tonko, who inspired the more than 175 Fireballers and guests at a dinner held for the Fireballers at Glen Sanders. They explained why Schenectady is important to not only those of us who live here but to the world, as a city that has provided innovation and inventions that allow us to enjoy the quality of life we have today.

I would like to thank all who helped make this event a tremendous success. I know many of the Fireballers want to come back and visit for a longer time.

There are many Albanys and Troys in America. But there is only one Schenectady.

Don Rittner


The writer is county historian and commissioner of the Schenectady Film Commission.

Romney vs. Obama is like night vs. day

Some think this election should be a referendum on President Obama’s failed domestic agenda and disastrous foreign policy.

While Obama’s record is abysmal, we should realize this election presents us with a clear choice for America’s future.

The contrasts could not be clearer: small vs. big government; energy policy focused on using plentiful domestic reserves of gas, oil and coal or crony support of wind and solar energy; policies to slow debt growth or, as we have seen, explosive growth in national debt; preserve Medicare for those 55 and older or replace Medicare with Obamacare and unelected panels deciding who gets what care; an opportunity-based society or one that grows dependency; pro-growth, across-the-board tax cuts or higher taxes for job creators; a strong military that makes clear America is the world’s unquestioned superpower or a foreign policy based on appeasement and leading from behind.

The choice could not be clearer. Do we want our leader to be a capitalist who believes in American exceptionalism, opportunity and free-market enterprise or a socialist who denies American exceptionalism and promotes dependency and the redistribution of income?

Bob Lindinger


Emperor McCarthy needs some clothes

Schenectady Mayor Gary McCarthy’s firing of budget analyst Jason Cuthbert, for pointing out the obvious flaws in the city/county sales tax agreement, reminds me of the story of “The Emperor’s New Clothes.”

Denying the existence of the problem doesn’t make it go away, sir. Nor does firing someone for telling you the truth.

Maybe Mr. Cuthbert would like to run for mayor, although I highly doubt it. He appears to possess a little too much integrity for the job.

Tricia Margas


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