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Schenectady’s Crane St. neighborhood needs cops, code enforcement

Schenectady’s Crane St. neighborhood needs cops, code enforcement

  • Schenectady’s Crane St. neighborhood needs cops, code enforcement
  • Biden’s debate demeanor
  • Schenectady’s Crane St. neighborhood needs cops, code enforcement

    On Oct. 7, I attended St. Adalbert’s Church festival in Schenectady. Crane Street is a disaster.

    Walking up to the parking lot, I encountered non-existent sidewalks. A dog came flying out of an alley, a pit bull, [and] he looked ill. I guess the dog laws are not enforced on Crane Street.

    [As for] the sidewalk, I hear of citations being mailed to people because their lawns have not been mowed. Is City Hall afraid to go after errant homeowners on Crane Street? The game plan is to mail citations to responsible homeowners and get them to comply or fine them. The people who are not keeping their properties up, for whatever reason, get a pass. The debris in the street or alleyways is something!

    In other parts of America, insurance companies will not insure homes in rundown condition. Either these properties are not insured or the insurance companies are fools. “Responsible” homeowners in Schenectady have told me that the people who don’t obey the law are not being pursued. City Hall takes the line of least resistance when it comes to enforcement of codes.

    Imagine if the police officer(s) who followed [budget officer Jason Cuthbert] around City Hall before he was fired for outing budget hijinks were assigned to Crane Street to enforce the leash law and building codes? Such is the waste and mismanagement of Schenectady.

    People paying property and school taxes not only support government, they support the people not paying their fair share. The city adds insult to injury by holding responsible homeowners to a higher standard.

    A taxpayer organization needs to be formed, its purpose to withhold tax payments to the city, placing money in a protected account. Let the city collect taxes from those who do not pay and make them fix their properties. Then release the others’ money to the city.

    I hope animal control picks up the sick pit bull; I fear he will die in an alley on Crane Street before he gets an opportunity to bite someone.

    Edmond Day


    Biden’s debate demeanor unbecoming, undignified

    Thank goodness for the media. Without them, I would have never known that Joe Biden “won” the vice-presidential debate. I would have guessed that the candidate who spent the first third of the debate with an inappropriate grin worthy of a village idiot, and then turned surly, was the loser — there being very few things as unattractive as a surly village idiot.

    But, of course, it was all an act. When Joe Biden feigns amused surprise at the charges of incompetence that have been the theme of the Romney campaign, he’s lying by facial expression. He was, clearly, just following the script: dismiss criticism with arrogant giggles, deny the existence of any problems, attack proposed solutions for lack of specifics, then demonize the specifics that you just claimed did not exist.

    Paul Ryan is a serious man who has dug more deeply into America’s budget problems than anyone in government. He and Mitt Romney understand that there are no easy choices. He also understood that the debate was an opportunity to discuss problems and contrast solutions.

    Joe Biden, on the other hand, saw the debate as an opportunity for some kabuki farce. The true farce is the administration in which he serves.

    Chris Callaghan


    Don’t call Kosciuszko Bridge by any other name

    I am extremely upset that the name used by the media for the Brig. Gen. Thaddeus Kosciuszko Bridge is the Twin Bridges. This shows a lack of respect for a hero who helped win the Revolutionary War.

    We all need to show respect for Gen. Kosciuszko, who was born in Poland in 1746 and came to a struggling America in 1776. Volunteering his services to the Continental Army, he soon was appointed chief engineer. His first structure was Fort Billingsport (Philadelphia). He directed the construction of several forts and the reinforcement of many others including Fort Ticonderoga and Fort Clinton (West Point).

    He played a strategic role in the battle of Saratoga, laying out an excellent array of defenses. This victory for the Continental Army was considered a turning point of the American revolution. He also played a role in the south near Charleston.

    I would like to propose that the Department of Transportation re-dedicate this bridge. I would like Halfmoon and Saratoga county dignitaries to be present.

    We must remember our history. Shame on all you people.

    Carol Krupski Pingelski Hotaling

    Clifton Park

    Sean Lowery just the kind of teacher we need

    Re Hayden Labelle’s Oct. 8 letter, “Music teachers should teach music, not morals”: Hurray! There should be more teachers like Sean Lowery.

    Schalmont school administrators certainly know the value of hiring a great teacher who teaches by being who they are. They should be commended.

    Thank you, 2012 graduate Hayden Labelle, for bringing this to our attention. It renews my faith in our really great teachers. Lowery should keep up the fantastically challenging job he has been doing — onward!

    Dorothy Murray


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