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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 07/27/2017

Right turns on red at Mohawk Commons must be prohibited

Right turns on red at Mohawk Commons must be prohibited

*Right turns on red at Mohawk Commons must be prohibited *Change Montgomery County’s government *GOP

Right turns on red at Mohawk Commons must be prohibited

This concerns the pedestrian crossing from Mohawk Commons in Niskayuna, across Balltown Road, to Mansion Square.

There are many people living between Balltown Road and State Street who walk to shop at Mohawk Commons — there are mothers and grandmothers with children in strollers, and also many people getting off buses to walk up Linda Lane who need to cross to go shopping or to work.

I am a senior who does not drive. I need to cross that road to go to Price Chopper. The problem is the “right on red,” when the pedestrian walk light is on at the same time. I have had so many near-misses. Many drivers fly up the hill at Mohawk Commons and do not stop before taking the right on red — even if the pedestrian walk light is on. It only comes on when a pedestrian pushes the button and is clearly visible coming up the hill.

We desperately need a sign on the traffic light signifying “No Right On Red.” I have been in contact with the state Department of Transportation since spring to acquire a sign, but nothing has been done. I was told to call the Niskayuna Police Department to enforce the right on red after stopping. I called twice and was told they don’t have the manpower.

What does it take to get a sign put up? A tragedy like the one on Erie Boulevard, where an SCCC student had the walk light and was killed while crossing?

Drivers taking a right on red routinely cut you off. I have raised my hand to signify that I am crossing and have frequently been sworn at, shown the finger, etc.

Karin Schwind


Change Montgomery County’s government

We all know that [Montgomery] county government is in serious trouble, and things need to change. This year, on the back of the ballot, we have a chance to change it. It’s called the proposed county charter.

The charter would finally give us a chance to choose someone to handle the day-to-day administration of the $100 million county government. It would reduce the size of county government.

The more I have read about this proposal, the more it makes sense to me. The more I read about the way we do things now, the more shocked I am we haven’t already changed it.

The charter isn’t another layer of government; we’ve already got a county government. The charter is a chance to fix government and put in back in the hands of the people.

The charter won’t solve all our problems, but it will make government more responsive, more efficient and cheaper. It sets us up for success, rather than failure.

I hope you’ll join me in voting yes to the charter.

Krystle Colamarino


GOP’s trickle-down economic theory a hoax

If I came face to face with Mitt Romney, I would ask him this: “You’re the owner of the XYZ widget factory. You previously employed 100 people; however, when the recession occurred, you had to downsize 30 percent, to 70 employees. Your personal earnings went from $1 million to $500,000. The government, as per your recommendation, gave you tax relief — another $100,000 worth. So with that additional $100,000, would you employ any additional people?”

The obvious answer is no; there is no additional demand for product. Therefore, he would not know what to do with additional product should he produce it.

So much for trickle down economics. It doesn’t work, as proven by John Maynard Keynes. Trickle down economics doesn’t work. It never has. It never will.

Lester Nathan


Media maintains its blatant bias for Obama

If there were any doubts about the national media’s pro-left agenda, The Gazette laid it to rest with a couple of recent editorial cartoons. The first [Oct. 20] depicted the second debate, described by audiences as a split decision, as a knockout for Obama. The second, Oct. 21, depicted Gov. Romney as some leering creep fixated on a “centerfold,” cascading out from what we are to presume is a “binder full of women.”

If the media gave a fraction of the attention to the administration’s economic and foreign policy blunders as they do to anecdotal references to “Big Bird” and “binders,” they might actually be doing the country a service. The situations with the economy, Libya, Syria, debt, unemployment and food stamps remain under-reported. If this were a Republican administration in the White House, ABC and NBC would have a ticker running along the bottom of the screen during the nightly “news broadcasts,” alerting America how many people went on unemployment that day.

The focus of the fourth estate should be to guarantee that Americans get the truth from public figures and hold our government accountable for its actions. In recent history, the media has presumed the role of interpreter of the message so the poor, under-educated masses understand the politics. Please deliver the message, leave the interpretation up to the individual.

Michael Glenn


Political system broken; here’s how to fix it

I offer some suggestions which I believe would improve our political process, as well as encourage those in office to improve their performance.

I can understand why a contender for office would run negative ads, but the contender should only do so with verifiable written facts and documentation. Incumbents who run only negative ads, rather than citing their accomplishments with verifiable written facts and documentation, should be disqualified. The incumbent may, however, use negative advertising against an opponent, but only to disprove his or her accusations.

Mid-term elections should be enhanced by the establishment of a mechanism by which voters would have the option to remove sitting “representatives” who are not living up to their name. They would be replaced by their opponent from the previous election.

In an election held at the end of a two-term president (e.g. Bush/Cheney), voters should be able to choose whether they will have Secret Service protection at taxpayer expense. In the case mentioned parenthetically, I’m sure they made enough money on the sly (Iraq, deregulation, etc,) to pay for their own undeserved protection from wrath.

The real American hero is the person who, despite a diet of deceit, deception and delusion, goes to work every day and does his/her best to do the job at hand and makes do. Hence, I suggest that the Labor Day holiday be replaced by a one week National Strike, with pay, to remind the bloated corporate hyenas precisely who keeps the big wheel a-turnin’.

The truth should be taught in schools that political corruption is a given, regardless of party. A historically accurate sojourn through the last half of the 20th century and the first eight years of this one would provide sufficient proof.

Michael E. Drouin


Spending war money at home a good idea

Re the second presidential debate: President Obama was correct that the money the United States spent on the two wars can now be spent on infrastructure (schools, roads, etc.) even if that’s only 60 percent of the money.

Over the course of the last 30 months, the job situation has improved due to President Obama’s stimulus and policies, despite Republican opposition to nearly all of the president’s proposals.

Dealy-Doe-Eyes Maddux

St. Johnsville

Election letters

The deadline for election letters is 5 p.m. on Oct. 31. We will continue to run selected letters on local races through Saturday, Nov. 3 in the print edition. More election-related letters will appear in the online edition.

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