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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 01/18/2018

More of the same liberal claptrap from Viewpoint writers

More of the same liberal claptrap from Viewpoint writers

*More of the same liberal claptrap from Viewpoint writers *Change would be welcome in Saratoga Sprin

More of the same liberal claptrap from Viewpoint writers

Why is the Sunday Gazette’s Opinion section so biased toward liberal commentators?

For example, the Oct. 21 section contained two major pieces by local writers. Steve Keller’s piece takes issue with a study produced by the Tax Foundation rating New York at the bottom of the business tax climate. Mr. Keller summarizes that a more important metric than the tax rate on business would be to ask questions such as how our schools are doing. I assume that Mr. Keller attributes success with the amount of tax money distributed to schools.

Lack of success must mean that not enough money is being funneled into schools. Solution: raise taxes. Mr. Keller, and, dare I say, those who share the liberal mind-set, seem never to consider an approach that would assess how efficiently the current funds are being spent before dipping their fingers into taxpayers’ wallets.

Another example is the piece by Karen Cookson, “How candidates view women presages their administration.” The article is full of subtle anti-Republican sentiment.

In describing the wives of the candidates, she describes Michelle Obama as “the smart lawyer mom” and Ann Romney as “the mother of six boys.” With not-so-subtle bias, she states, “I suspect ... that the guys (by count, mostly Republican) would love it if we (women) would all just shut up and get back to the kitchen where we belong.”

Such a statement, whether true on a micro level pertaining to her neighbors’ husbands or not, hangs there, allowing her readers to extrapolate that idea on a macro level. Therefore, all Republican men must share that sentiment, and thus support the idea of a so-called Republican Party war on women.

Terrence Dunphy


Change would be welcome in Saratoga Springs gov’t

There are problems with [Saratoga Springs’] commission form of government: A commissioner doesn’t have to have [an] education, experience or training in what his or her department does, but gets to be its chief administrator. The deputy may really run the department, but it’s the commissioner who appoints the deputy. Sometimes that’s been someone who’s knowledgeable and capable, but sometimes it’s a political or family appointment.

I believe more citizens would run for City Council if serving on the council were representative, rather than administrative. Commissioners are only human, and as department heads, sometimes maintaining or expanding departmental power comes ahead of the taxpayers’ best interest. With five separate departments, there is duplication of services and compartmentalization, rather than cooperation and efficiency. I saw it firsthand when I worked in City Hall.

The City Council should stick to passing laws and lowering our taxes and leave managing a $54 million city budget to a professional. If that person is doing a bad job, I’m sure the City Council will hear about it in a hurry. If the council can’t manage the manager, then they’ll find a new one — or we’ll elect a new council.

The commission form was good for Saratoga Springs once upon a time, but part-time amateur managers for major departments are a bad idea in today’s world. I’m voting for the city manager form of government.

Suzanne Kwasniewski

Saratoga Springs

Romney’s eyes don’t have it, Obama’s record does

Re Robert F. Long’s Oct. 19 letter, “Romney’s debate demeanor a red flag”: While most of us were listening to what the two protagonists had to say, Mr. Long was concentrating on Romney’s eyes. He saw something that convinced him Romney would be a “destructive choice.”

As a failed prognosticator, what did he miss in Obama’s eyes in 2008 that caused him to vote for one who actually turned out to be “a destructive choice”?

Distracted as he was, Mr. Long missed Candy Crowley’s blatant violation of a moderator’s job by interrupting Romney while he was making a point referring to Obama’s ambivalent response to the terrorist attack on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya, resulting in the murder of our ambassador and three other Americans.

Obama was so relieved to get off the hook, I heard him utter to Crowley, “say it louder.”

There are four disastrous years’ worth of reasons to send Obama back to Chicago. One, which is not mentioned, is Joe Biden. The vice president is a heartbeat away from the presidency. Having this clown in the White House should send shudders down our collective spines.

Vito Spinelli


Regular reader offers fond farewell to Strock

Dear Carl, I was sad to see your farewell notice [Oct. 14].

I read your columns with zest, and usually learned a lot. We did joust a bit over religion and Kateri, but always with respect.

God bless you in your new pursuits.

Gerard F. Havasy


Election letters

The deadline for election letters is 5 p.m. on Oct. 31. We will continue to run selected letters on local races through Saturday, Nov. 3 in the print edition. More election-related letters will appear in the online edition.

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