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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 01/20/2018

America has lost its identity to the wealthy

America has lost its identity to the wealthy

*America has lost its identity to the wealthy

I am an American citizen and have children and grandchildren. I love them and am concerned about the America we have created and are leaving to them.

This country is no longer a cradle for a vibrant, sharing middle class. Those days are gone. It’s a playground for obscenely rich folks like [former GE CEO] Jack Welch, the brothers Koch and other assorted billionaires. Our Supreme Court has recently delivered America to them.

The country is being bought and paid for. “In God we trust” has become “In money we trust.” Politicians make the laws that rule the land. In modern times, money elects politicians. To be elected and then re-elected, politicians have to follow the money trail. Political life has become a lucrative and glamorous lifetime occupation.

In order to obtain and keep that prized life some politicians are willing to sell their souls to the highest bidder, the one with the money. We are not in that “money” league, fellow voters. I cannot all together blame them. They want to be millionaires also.

“Share and share alike,” a treasured American tradition, has morphed into: “All for me and none for you!”

But we have to hand it to the party of the rich. It has done its job well. Images and vignettes work with American voters. They appear to say to public office seekers: “Super simplify me!” I don’t have time for time-consuming intellectual research and complicated thought processes. Toss me a vignette. And they are getting their vignette: “In this corner, a hard-working, flag-waving, taxes-and-government hating, God-fearing, family-values loving, white American citizen for many generations etc.”

In the other corner, his opponent: swarthy looking, liberal thinking, ‘welfare king,’ benefitter of government handouts, Godless, amoral” etc.

Do those cliches strike you as “deja vu?” They should. Remember Mr. Ronald Reagan’s “welfare queen” and Mr. [George H.W.] Bush’s “Willie Horton?”

The American voter’s mind is bombarded daily with those sly and subliminal messages. A sizable number of our fellow citizens will react to them and vote accordingly. They are being psychologically herded and don’t realize it. Do they even care ?

Middle-class America is gone, like the Dodo bird. Football, beer anyone?

The sadness is that the party of the rich thinks that all of us so-called well-to-do Americans feel the way they do. Mr. John McLoughlin, in his Oct. 12 column, talks about a letter he received from that party, asking him for a measly $76 contribution to the cause.

As for me, being a supposedly “rich” retired physician, I have on occasions received the same kind of literature. I call them my “wink, wink” letters. What the party is telling us, Mr. McLoughlin and myself, is that as member of the “ins,” it behooves us to close ranks and contribute to keep the have-nots in their place. Let them eat cake.

I am not a Democrat. I am not a Republican. I don’t believe in parties and don’t want to be pigeonholed. I don’t respect greedy billionaire American CEO hogs. I believe Jesus Christ, Gandhi and Sister Teresa are the worthies of our human race. We need more of them.

Beware American voters. The fate of the entire world is in your hands.

Roger Malebranche


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