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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 01/18/2018

Tonko’s record proves he’s no friend to small business

Tonko’s record proves he’s no friend to small business

*Tonko’s record proves he’s no friend to small business *Dems and GOP: Too old and too stale, vote f

Tonko’s record proves he’s no friend to small business

Rep. Paul Tonko claims to be on the side of small business, but that’s simply not the case.

Three national independent business organizations have weighed in on Tonko’s dismal voting record for small business. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce awarded him a score of 19 out of 100 this current congressional session. The National Federation of Independent Business placed him near the bottom on key issues relating to small business. He scored an unbelievable zero percent for his votes by the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council.

The unemployment rate in his district has gone up since he has taken office. If you want the private sector to flourish, you elect someone who has a record of private-sector success, not a career politician. As CFO of the Year for 2011 by Capital District Business Review, Bob Dieterich has the knowledge and experience to help our small business people succeed.

This November, vote for Bob Dieterich in the newly drawn 20th Congressional District that will now encompass Albany, Schenectady, Saratoga Springs and half of Montgomery counties, a sliver of eastern Rensselaer County, including the city of Troy, as well as the Saratoga County towns of Stillwater, Halfmoon, Clifton Park, Malta, Ballston and Charlton.

Ben Potiker


Dems and GOP: Too old and too stale, vote for Green Party

Last summer, I left my job at 5 o’clock almost every day for one week to head over to the state Capitol Building to engage in a loud and raucous demonstration. We rallied in support of the Marriage Equality Act.

Although I am straight, I thought at the time that if I had the right to marry the person that I love, then every other person should have the exact same right. In the end, the act passed the Senate and everyone in my generation (I’m in my 20s) celebrated. Today we are faced with an even more Herculean task: selecting our next president. I look back on those evenings in Albany and what we achieved as a small victory for human rights in an otherwise dark period in our nation’s history.

Under George Bush and now even more so under Barack Obama, our civil liberties have been stripped away, and the first 10 Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, has been stomped upon.

For example, President Obama extended rather than repealed the Patriot Act. He signed into law another bill, the National Defense Authorization Act, that legalized the indefinite detention of American citizens without charge or trial. He approved, via a “kill list,” overseas human targets for assassination, including as we saw last year, two American citizens in Yemen, one of whom was a 16-year-old American boy.

Obama has also overseen the historic crackdown on government whistleblowers and has rebuffed all congressional and legal attempts to check his unbridled executive power. Everything we didn’t like about Bush is still the same today under Obama.

I am happy we passed marriage equality, but I look at both Obama’s and Romney’s platforms for the future and see only more darkness for our country. I am voting for Jill Stein of the Green Party for president.

She will bring all our troops home, restore our civil liberties, and respect human rights here and abroad. And, of course, the Green Party supported marriage equality long before the Democrats ever found it politically expedient to do so.

Gregory Rosenthal


Santabarbara has the support of health-care workers

I am writing to support Angelo Santabarbara for the state Assembly. Angelo has worked to ensure that our health-care workers are able to provide the best possible care to our patients.

Angelo has been dedicated to building the new Glendale Nursing Home, ensuring it got built at no cost to taxpayers, ahead of schedule and under budget, and that our health-care professionals would be treated well so that they can be ready to take care of our patients.

Angelo has often talked about his experience earlier this year when he was hospitalized due to a serious throat infection. He has spoken about the great care he received and how important it is that everyone receives that care.

The health-care workers of NYSNA and SEIU 1199 are here supporting Angelo because we know that he will be there to ensure that patients throughout the state receive the care they deserve.

Annunziata DiMeo Brandon


Proposed charter might be the change Saratoga Springs needs

I generally don’t accept the idea of change as an inherently necessary thing, but I have studied the proposed charter for a council-manager form of government and found the reasoning for it very sound.

I suggest citizens of Saratoga Springs, no matter where their biases may lie, research the issue thoroughly.

In my own examination, I’m convinced that a city manager will make our local governing body more efficient.

Peter Marino

Saratoga Springs

Good Samaritans are bountiful in Goose Hill

My 24-year-old son recently acquired his first car, a 1986 vehicle that is definitely a “fixer-upper.”

In its first week we were en route to Anker’s Auto Service on Van Vranken Avenue to repair it. Though it had sputtered successfully through the first four miles of the trip, it came to a stubborn stop just after we turned off Nott Street. We were many blocks from our destination but close enough that we decided to try to push it the rest of the way.

We made extremely slow headway up Van Vranken; as a motorist I never realized that this whole stretch of Van Vranken is uphill!

After a few blocks, a gentleman named Rasheed materialized from his porch to assist for a number of blocks more and our pace picked up. He eventually dropped out and after a few more blocks a Schenectady city police officer drove by, parked and jumped out to help us with the last couple of blocks.

Because I was trying to steer and push from the front, and very reluctant to stop and lose traction or what little momentum we had on that hill, I was winded and unable to turn my head to properly converse with either of our Good Samaritans. I did not get their full names or badge number so that I could properly thank them. I am hoping they read this and understand our appreciation.

The car now runs, thanks to Anker’s, Rasheed and the officer. This episode boosts my faith in humanity and community and reminds me, “kindness is the highest form of intelligence.”

Kathleen Heintzman Morris


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