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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 01/18/2018

Bob Dieterich has what it takes to handle the financial crisis

Bob Dieterich has what it takes to handle the financial crisis

*Bob Dieterich has what it takes to handle the financial crisis *Obama and ‘Libyagate’: our military

Bob Dieterich has what it takes to handle the financial crisis

If the United States does not decrease its deficit and rein in spending, we are on the path to economic bankruptcy. This is the path the Obama administration, and those who vote along with that administration, will keep us on. Election Day provides an opportunity to reverse this trend and survive!

In New York state’s 20th District, there is a newcomer to the political scene who has the ideas, skills and experience to get us on the right path. I believe Bob Dieterich, chief financial officer (CFO) of the First National Bank of Scotia, is the man with the right credentials:

1) Bob has spent the last 18 years in banking; he earned the Business Review’s CFO of the Year award in 2011 because he successfully responded to the bank’s challenges during economically difficult times.

2) He has a concise plan for fiscal responsibility which includes a balanced federal budget.

3) He understands that the top issue for so many of us is jobs. That is why he developed ideas to simplify the tax code and regulations that stifle business growth.

The future can be better for all of us if we vote in people who are fiscally responsible. It is evident that the policies of President Obama and Rep. Paul Tonko have brought this country to a fiscal crisis. To survive this crisis, vote for Bob Dieterich for U. S. Congress on the Republican or Conservative line.

Teddi Smith


Obama and ‘Libyagate’: our military and gov’t personnel deserve better

I am a retired U.S. Air Force master sergeant. I spent 20 years assigned to the Air Force, but 19 of those years were under the operational control of the National Security Agency (NSA).

Having spent nine years at the agency on Ft. Meade, Md., and 10 years overseas, I feel that I know something about communications intelligence, the sources, and the reliability of such information.

What happened in Libya on Sept. 11, and the subsequent inaction on the part of the U.S. government (read Obama) borders on criminal negligence and reflects incompetence at best.

From Obama to Secretary of State [Hillary] Clinton and all of their underlings who are stonewalling the facts of this tragedy, this cannot go unchallenged! Four very brave Americans lost their lives, when they could have very possibly been saved. The specific facts of this “Libyagate” are becoming known daily, and it does not bode well for Obama, Clinton and the rest of their cronies. Subterfuge abounds! And worse, lying about all of this inaction is the norm.

We have lost a U.S. ambassador, for heaven’s sake! He and his men didn’t have a chance! What kind of commander in chief abandons people under his command? Did he “have their backs?” No, he did not.

Obama must answer for this failure! What must our troops be thinking? If they are ordered into combat, who has their backs? The chronological bits of intelligence information that have been revealed in the press to date are very disturbing. Some action could and should have been taken to save these men. There was more than enough time to place troops or aircraft in position to protect the embassy and its people.

If our government can impeach ex-President Bill Clinton for sexual misconduct (and the lies he told about it), then we must call for impeachment of President Obama.

There is a problem here, though. The election is next week. There is no time, for now, to begin impeachment proceedings. But there is one solution. What we must do is elect Mitt Romney!

Mike Petralia

Saratoga Springs

Candidate Steck proves his worth to constituents

Sadly, Phil Steck’s opponent for New York state Assembly chose to send a scathing “press release” and failed to appear for the annual B’nai Brith candidate forum at the Schenectady Jewish Community Center, where she could have made an opening statement, answer questions and make her positions, if she really has any, clear, and make a closing statement.

Mr. Steck took the high road, made his opening and closing remarks, and answered pointed questions of import to the Schenectadians who took the time to hear about real issues and real proposed solutions.

I found Mr. Steck to be learned, willing to listen to the constituents, and ready to represent us in the New York state Assembly, particularly in light of his Albany legislative experience. It was clear from his remarks and from his answers to difficult questions that he is ready, willing and able to cross party lines in order to do what is best for the people he will represent, just as he has done so in Albany County.

Bruce S. Trachtenberg


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