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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 01/19/2018

Letters to the Editor for Nov. 5

Letters to the Editor for Nov. 5

  • Imagine: 2 good-news stories about Sch’dy in a single day!
  • Supervisor later changed tune o
  • Imagine: 2 good-news stories about Sch’dy in a single day!

    I can’t remember the last time I felt so encouraged to be a homeowner in Schenectady!

    Two stories in the Oct. 25 paper that may actually benefit Schenectady homeowners (“Decision means city can fire cops” and “City may repair broken laterals”). One to encourage our trust and the other, our pocketbooks.

    Hope they don’t get crushed in committee.

    Lisa McHeard


    Supervisor later changed tune on firing VanWoeart

    Re Oct. 25 letter, “Princetown warned of Van Woeart years ago”: So [former Supervisor] Jeb Fuller must have a very poor memory. Or maybe he thinks no one remembers the facts.

    I served on the Planning Board in 1990 and 1991. In 1992, I was elected to the Town Board and I remember this episode.

    Mr. Fuller tried to remove then-Court Clerk Michelle Van Woeart from her position and told then-Justice Christopher Cernik that he was going to appoint someone to the position to, I think the quote was, “keep an eye on the judge.”

    Mr. Fuller’s vendetta du jour was due to a verbal altercation between himself and Mark Van Woeart (Michelle Van Woeart’s husband) and a disagreement with Cernik.

    Mr. Fuller convinced a majority of Town Board members to support this vendetta (then-council members Paul Hasbrouck and Michael Rafferty opposed).

    Instead of reappointing Van Woeart to the position she had held, they appointed a political colleague.

    Mr. Fuller received such backlash from town residents that on Jan. 16, 1990, upon the advice of the town attorney, he reversed himself and voted to reappoint Van Woeart justice clerk. In 1991, Mr. Fuller again voted to reappoint Michelle Van Woeart.

    Carol McClaine


    The writer is town clerk.

    Squirrels can’t get enough of us, and vice versa

    Schenectady squirrels appear to be everywhere. Walking around [Union College] campus, I find that everywhere I go I see at least three squirrels along the way.

    Not only are they all over, they do not seem to care that they are surrounded by people, because we all love them.

    I think that part of the reason there seems to be such a dramatic increase is because they are becoming comfortable with people.

    They know that we will not intentionally hurt them, but rather we enjoy watching their cute, furry faces.

    One day I was walking on the sidewalk and there was a squirrel on the edge, digging a hole.

    As I walked by, it stopped digging, looked at me and continued to dig. I was about two feet from it and it did not care.

    All the squirrels are out right now, trying to gather their food for winter; digging and storing their nuts wherever they can. Seeing squirrels everywhere I look definitely improves the crisp, early fall mornings.

    Caroline Hartnack


    Why was there no story on state police graduation?

    On Oct. 16 the New York State Police had its 198th graduation of new officers. It was the first in four years, and we were shocked and disappointed by the lack of coverage of this event in your paper.

    These men and women have joined the ranks of protecting each and every person who either lives in or visits our beautiful state, and our local paper couldn’t even print an article to commemorate this event?

    There were numerous men and women who graduated from this academy from our area. It would have been a real coup if you had published an article about this beautiful and wonderfully done event.

    You report on issues of violence, abuse and disaster, but when it comes to recognizing the men and women who are willing to put their lives on the line every day for our safety, you chose to ignore it. Why?

    Terry G. Mickle

    Doralee Mickle


    The writers are parents of a 2012 graduate.

    Media too quick to give Apple a free ride

    Enough already. I am really getting tired of national and local news programs (and local newspapers) highlighting every new Apple product (iPad, iPhone, etc.) that is presented to the public.

    I don’t see Samsung, HTC, IBM or any other computer-oriented company getting this national exposure and absolutely free advertising.

    Do the producers of news programs and newspapers really believe that these products deserve so much free advertising, or so much of our time to listen to these product placements?

    Or does Apple secretly own and control all of the news media?

    John Harrity


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