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What you need to know for 01/18/2018

Are those Obama folks lucky or what?

Are those Obama folks lucky or what?

Let me ask you something …

Let me ask you something …

• Next time you peruse the Gary McCarthy Glossary of Political Idioms, would you please point out to me where it says that a budget veto override is really a “vote of confidence,” and not “a slap in the face,” as dopes like me thought?

• Are those Obama people lucky or what; the David Petraeus scandal goes public immediately AFTER the presidential election and immediately BEFORE the highly decorated general was due to tell Congress what he knows about the murderous attacks on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi?

• Why didn’t someone tell me they changed the names for basic pro football maneuvers, like forward tosses now referred to by the TV boys as a “vertical passing game,” or halfbacks getting the ball for a “downhill running attack?”

• And getting back to the Petraeus to-do, should we not be thankful that FDR and Ike and JFK never had email accounts?

• Now that the starting time for Black Friday is moved up (8 o’clock Thanksgiving night), does that mean that males of the house get to stay home for some well-deserved rest after an arduous day of turkey and football-viewing?

• Wait a minute there, you’re telling me that Gov. Cuomo actually has control over that Long Island Power Authority that he’s been bashing for days for not being sufficiently prepared for Stormageddon; nah, that can’t be so, can it?

• Why in the world does no one use the word “natty” anymore?

• What with presidential campaign spending at nearly $50 per voter, don’t we owe an apology to O’Connell Machine Democrats who took an awful beating in the newspapers, among do-gooders etc., for the so-called “$5 Vote,” a measly half-a-sawbuck given to Albanians to vote the right way?

• Has that certain local TV news department finally convinced you that Twitter tweets are indeed real news?

• Not sure about the labels they’re puttin’ on the fiscal calamity staring us in the nose, should Congress and the Prez not get their act together, but did you notice Thelma and Louise in their aquamarine Thunderbird convertible on the road, headed for Washington, D.C.?

• Hey, think it’s finally time to send in Tebow — no, not for Sanchez — for Eli Manning?

• Are you kidding me: Troy salutes Medal of Honor recipient Peter Guenette, a 20-year-old soldier who died when he dove on a live grenade, saving the lives of at least three of his buddies in Vietnam back in May of ’68, and one lousy TV news crew shows up for the ceremony, just days before Veterans Day?

• I’m not asking you to forgive them, but can you at least understand news people having those silly grins at the possibility of more uncertainty over who gets to control the state Senate?

• How would you like to inform your parents — who coughed up 120 grand for your communications degree — that yep, I am now covering Twitter tweets; that’s my assignment here at good old WDUD-TV?

• How about we print up some special calendars for the Giants’ locker room minus the month of November? Think that might rouse the slumpin’ Blue Men?

•  What if Sandy happened three or four weeks earlier — think we’d be talking now about the little upward bump that Romney got on Election Day, given the inevitable griping and anger these terrible natural disasters engender, given time?

John McLoughlin is a freelance columnist and a veteran Capital Region journalist now at NewsChannel13. Opinions expressed in his column are his own and not necessarily the newspaper’s. Reach him at

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