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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 01/24/2018

Not surprising to see victims of Irene and Lee support Sandy’s

Not surprising to see victims of Irene and Lee support Sandy’s

*Not surprising to see victims of Irene and Lee support Sandy’s *Let red states secede and live in i

Not surprising to see victims of Irene and Lee support Sandy’s

As our neighbors in the Greater New York region continue to struggle with the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, we know that many also suffered upstate, particularly along the Hudson River. The flooding damaged homes, businesses and public structures, leaving many without power for days.

In many cases, Sandy impacted homes and businesses still recovering from the impacts of [Tropical Storms] Lee and Irene in 2011, and brought into sharp focus the anxieties and challenges our region continues to struggle with as a result of those storms.

For our friends and neighbors downstate who continue to suffer, we have a statewide obligation to provide intensive support and help them recover as quickly as possible, even as we continue to rebuild here at home.

We offer our continued thanks to the many emergency responders and other volunteers who continue to sacrifice their own comfort and safety to protect the lives and property of others.

All of us are also grateful to the many federal, state and local officials who prudently took steps before, during and after the storm to protect our communities as much as possible.

We are sobered by the fact that, with all of our advanced technology and relative abundance, these events emphasized how fragile we are as a state and nation.

As nature continues to prove its unpredictability, we must wisely adjust to ensure continued health and safety in the face of future events.

All of us must play a role in ensuring needed reinvestment in our communities, and rebuild them in ways that strengthen them for the future.

As an assemblyman and member of this community, I remain dedicated to this cause. We still have much to do.

Pete Lopez


The writer represents the 127th Assembly District.

Let red states secede and live in isolation

Enraged by the re-election of Barack Obama, angry whites in 30 red states have petitioned Congress for secession from the union.

Since I wholeheartedly support such an exodus, please allow me to offer the following guidelines for the governance of the Red State Confederation.

1) Deport all gays, lesbians, African-Americans, Hispanics, Muslim, Jews and Hindus to any nearby godless blue state.

2) Establish the Southern Baptist faith as the official state religion. If Mormons object, remind them of the Inquisition.

3) Outlaw contraception, abortion and Planned Parenthood. Don’t go after adultery, as this might be an an issue for the men.

4) Remove women from the workplace and return them to their rightful place in the home. Here, the little ladies can be submissive to their husbands, bake cookies and home-school the children with a curriculum emphasizing creation science, while ignoring real science.

I believe these proposals can be very valuable to true patriots for re-establishing the traditional America.

Paul Sator


Don’t be too quick to give felons plea bargains

I am getting sick and tired of our so-called justice system!

When are our so-called leaders in state, federal and local governments going to realize that “plea bargaining” [needs a more limited place] in the system?

I am sick and tired of no justice in our system for crime victims, especially of felonies. Is everyone, including judges, prosecutors, state lawmakers, federal lawmakers, in this for the salaries they receive?

When will someone in power step forward to make laws that match times if you do the crime? When will we have justice for victims of crimes, instead of justice for criminals who commit them?

Robert M. Tatlock


Mideast coverage has been lacking balance

I have a comment on the media’s never-ending blaming of Israel for the Gaza debacle. All they seem able to print or air are the Palestinian deaths of civilians and the horrors they are facing. You never see anything of the Israeli death tolls and horrors, or their largest cities (Tel Aviv, Jerusalem) being constantly under [siege].

I wonder where the fairness is — especially since the Palestinians are the ones that started this. Yet we seem to only acknowledge the horror the Palestinians are going through.

I am not Jewish but I am afraid this is not being viewed fairly. When did we become so one-sided?

Kathryn Harding


Overcall cap for tax deductions a good idea

The Economist magazine this month floated a key idea that may unlock the revenue side of the current budget impasse. It proposed an overall cap on deductions.

Democrats can accept this idea because it generates new revenue and extracts it primarily from the wealthiest segment of the population.

Republicans can endorse it because it does not raise tax rates, but rather reduces the effect of tax preference items. Such a reform also has the advantage of avoiding lots of separate fights over individual preference items, each fiercely defended by dedicated lobby groups.

Please contact the president, your senator and your representative to support this idea if you agree it has merit.

Bruce Pomeroy


Too much badly spent on political campaigns

Re Nov. 16 letter, “Political campaigns have grown too costly”: Kudos to Vincent F. Carelli. A total of almost $1 billion was spent on “he said,” “he did or didn’t do” back and forth until most people were tired of hearing it — plus seeing all the local candidates everywhere you looked.

I’m sure most people were very happy when the elections were over with.

Just think, $1 billion spent to get elected or selected — how many homeless and people eating out of garbage cans in this great country of ours, could that take care of?

Dee Ouimet


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