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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 08/18/2017

History shows that good things happen when rich pay their share

History shows that good things happen when rich pay their share

*History shows that good things happen when rich pay their share *Good things that would happen with

History shows that good things happen when rich pay their share

It was interesting to read the article-on-investing interview that featured PIMCO’s oracle investment officers Mohamed A. El-Erian’s and Bill “The Bond King” Gross’ position on tax reform [Nov. 26 Time magazine].

“There should be tax reform where the wealthy pay more and cooperations pay more but we end up with a more efficient system.”

In the 1950s, when Dwight Eisenhower was president, the highest individual tax rate was over 70 percent with several steps below that. We had WWII to pay for, [the] Marshall plan, Berlin Airlift, etc.

“Ike” also sold the idea of an interstate highway system to Congress, which helped put people to work.

Our politicians today need a refresher course in history to understand what needs to be done to pay down our debt (10 years of war) and put people to work.

I don’t think we need a 70 percent tax rate, but how about 50 percent the highest, with ballplayers making up to $40 million a year and Wall Street bankers and investment officers making millions, etc?

If Mohamed A. El-Erian and Bill “the Bond King” Gross as well as Warren Buffet understand that we need the rich to pay more, what is the mentality of Congress to do nothing to pay down our debt and put America to work?

By the way, who is this Grover Norquist who got so many politicians to sign a pledge, not to raise taxes? And what kind of congressman would sign such a pledge?

So wake up, politicians in Congress, listen to our best investors and get a new, efficient tax structure.

A.F. Hiris

Clifton Park

Good things that would happen with secession

In response to Paul Sator’s Nov. 25 letter, “Let red states secede”: his satirical comments do pose some real concerns. However, there are some things he did fail to mention.

In the red states, if they were to secede, the following could probably be true.

1) High rate of employment, as everyone would prefer to work and not live off welfare. This is what most of our forefathers did when they came off the boat — no work, no eat.

2) Very low crime rate, as laws would be enforced and criminals punished.

3) High rate of educated people because of low dropout in school. This would be due to having actual families that consist of two parents, who had children because they wanted them rather than how much extra money they can get for them on welfare. In addition, fathers would actually be known by their children rather than just be some unknown figure.

4) Religion would still be separate from the state and the president could not pass laws that counter religious beliefs, guised as health care reform.

5) Social Security would still be viable for our children, as stated in No. 1 above — people working.

Obviously, the list could go on. However, the lack of red voters in this blue state will probably have me labeled as someone worse than George W. Bush.

Bob Nicolella


Holiday parade has right name, and right themes

I wish to congratulate The Daily Gazette on its annual holiday parade, which I attended for the first time this year [Nov. 17]. It was a lot of fun!

For the past several years the parade has been a traffic nightmare to me. This year I avoided that problem by simply attending the event after my afternoon workshop meeting concluded. I even got some Christmas shopping done in the Proctors Arcade!

I believe that for a festive event that occurs a week before the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, a full 37 shopping days before Christmas, the “holiday” title is appropriate. I had no problem with the “Magic & Myths” theme, better than “Local Advertisers and Fire Departments Roll Down State Street.”

The two Chinese dragons were great. I hope next year Price Chopper sponsors an even bigger dragon to go with these two, the kind with people inside.

Given that Chinese dragons have been parading down the streets of San Francisco before Mao Zedong was born, they are no more symbols of his crimes than the Russian Ballet is of the crimes of Comrade Stalin!

If the dragons were included because the People’s Republic holds some U.S. treasures, I hope to see Japanese geishas and the grenadier guards also included next year. Those Redcoats with their bearskin hats make great tin soldiers!

With that said, if some church group next year joins the parade with Joseph, Mary, and the Three Wise Men walking down State Street on their way to Bethlehem, with a choir behind singing “Do You Hear What I Hear?” that, too, would be great!

Benjamin J. Turon

Ballston Spa

There’s a new Black Friday, and it’s called Thanksgiving

‘Black Thursday’? Is nothing sacred anymore?

Has the time come for us to change the name of “Thanksgiving Day” to “Black Thursday”?

Perhaps the stores will also open early on Christmas, so gifts can be exchanged sooner.

Do I sound disgusted? You bet I am!

B.D. Wilkins


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