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Liberal’s tirade about ‘angry whites’ showed who’s really intolerant

Liberal’s tirade about ‘angry whites’ showed who’s really intolerant

• Liberal’s tirade about ‘angry whites’ showed who’s really intolerantant • Farley should

Liberal’s tirade about ‘angry whites’ showed who’s really intolerant

Re Paul Sator’s Nov. 25 letter (“Let red states secede and live in isolation”) about the “angry whites” and the secession from the union: The only point I agree with Mr. Sator is on secession. Nothing could please me more than to separate myself from the crazy left, and their moronic viewpoint.

Mr. Sator mentions that “angry whites” would like the deportation of all gays, lesbians, blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Jews and Hindus to any nearby godless state. I would not expect anything less from a liberal fanatic.

He is a fountain of misinformation. Did it ever occur to him that if some people are against gay marriage, and are for stricter immigration, this does not mean they are for the removal of everyone else? There is not one bit of credibility that supports any of his theory. Where or who said otherwise?

Establishing the Southern Baptist faith as the official state religion is preposterous. Perhaps I am wrong on this assessment, but I am under the impression that Mr. Sator is not a religious person. This country of ours was founded, on a whole, as a God-loving country. Spin it any way you would like, but that is a fact. Yes, there were a few who weren’t true believers, but in no way, shape or form did our forefathers have in mind what the far left is trying to push.

Mr. Sator’s belief that the right wants to outlaw contraception, abortion and Planned Parenthood is another beauty. How about taking some responsibility for one’s self? Should I have to pay for someone else’s promiscuity?

Last, but certainly not least, is his final fiasco — sticking our women home, and making our “submissive” ladies do what we want. While our women are home, they can teach our kids “creation science” rather than real science, as he suggests.

What Mr. Sator wrote is utter garbage. Not only is his hateful spew wrong, it is insulting.

I am sure there are many who choose to stay at home and raise their children in the way they see fit.

Those on the left like to spin their views and say that the other side is racist and bigoted. Logical people can see the hypocrisy that the left carries. They are always saying how intolerant the right is, when in fact the intolerance lies within themselves. What we “angry whites” support is God, country, a strong work ethic, honesty, and the right to breathe.

Everything else is earned!

Sean Dufresne


Farley should just give the pension money back

Your Nov. 23 editorial regarding the state employees’ pension system and Sen. Hugh Farley’s handling of his own situation was welcome.

Clearly it would be preferable to change the law. Given the extensive effort required to do so, and Sen. Farley’s advancing age, there is a much simpler solution to his own predicament.

Like Warren Buffet paying his “fair share” of taxes, but on a much smaller financial scale, Sen. Farely can “vote with his wallet” and simply give the pension payment back to the state.

No one has to take money they don’t believe they deserve. As it is, there are far too many members of our society with a skewed vision of their needs and what they deserve from government!

Mark Vermilyea


Why not impound cars of habitual DWI offenders?

Re the Nov. 20 article, “Reckless driver report results in felony DWI arrest” — about a woman arrested for DWI [who was driving] without a license: Bad enough, right? Read on, and we find that she has had 15 (yes, that’s right — 15) prior suspensions.

It has been my feeling for many years that people should lose their vehicle, probably in addition to their license. If you lose your license (a piece of paper), you can drive your vehicle, and probably will, when alcohol is involved. If you lose your vehicle, you can’t drive it, with or without a license.

Please, lawmakers, give this some serious thought!

Kathy Hedgeman

Ballston Spa

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