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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 01/21/2018

Santa may be only way to get mailed package by Christmas

Santa may be only way to get mailed package by Christmas

*Santa may be only way to get mailed package by Christmas *County’s getting rid of Rittner was big m

Santa may be only way to get mailed package by Christmas

USPS stands for UnSimplified Postal Service.

I note the following experience I am having with the U.S. Postal Service [USPS]. Right from the start my commentary is in no way meant to demean the men and women who work for the USPS. My comments are for the management they have to work for — which has created a system that runs contrary to delivering the mail on time and to the correct location.

I recently relocated, but within the same zip code and same post office. I filled out the forwarding mail form and then the fun began. The forwarded mail is routed to two other facilities, 30 and 60 miles away from my post office, where a yellow tag is placed on the envelope or package reminding me to send a change of address to the sender. This takes anywhere from seven to 10 days to execute on a first-class mail parcel.

I ordered an item from an individual in Georgia. The item had my new address and ended up at the local post office, only to be forwarded to the other two mail facilities for processing (yellow tagging). This process began at the beginning of November.

The parcel was forwarded, but to a mail facility in New Jersey, which then forwarded it to a facility in eastern Massachusetts, where it sits awaiting an “executive decision” as to which municipality should next be the recipient of my package. The parcel has a tracking number and a case has been assigned to my package. The USPS has assured me that they will get to the bottom of this and sent me a notice of additional postage due.

I couldn’t make up a story like this even if I tried. Meanwhile, I am curiously tracking the next route my package will take. Delivery now is subject only to a Christmas miracle.

William D. Wills


County’s getting rid of Rittner was big mistake

I find it a big mistake for Schenectady County to fire Don Rittner as county historian. They’ll never find anyone else with his degree of initiative, originality, ever-growing stockpile of historical facts and years of experience of writing and publicizing.

[After] he lost his position as city historian, the city and county were getting a bargain out of Don as he is filled two positions for the price of one. I know because I worked with Don on some of these projects off and on, and I saw the quality of work he has done over many years. He is truly dedicated to educating people to local history and to local preservation.

He is involved with bringing motion picture productions to Schenectady, which bring business to the city and county. He is better versed and more articulate than anyone I know in connecting and promoting historic preservation and archeology to attracting tourists who in turn support local retail and service industries.

When Don was hired by the county several years ago, he was chosen from a field of other excellent candidates for good reason. Over these years, Don hasn’t diminished the quality of his work; he’s increased the amount and quality tenfold.

So what has changed? Perhaps the answer to that is the real rub — the political manipulators and elected and appointed officials have changed over the years.

John Wolcott


The writer is a historic preservationist.

Many ‘mood drugs’ are legal, so why not pot?

Legalize marijuana? A “fag” used to be a cigarette; now it is a term of derision. A “weed” used to be a nuisance plant; now it is a drug. Maybe we should call marijuana a med and sell it over the counter. Tax it heavily, of course.

Prohibition of alcohol did not work out! The process was instigated by well-intentioned idiots and exploited by the “mob.” The “mob” controls the marijuana issue and the idiots are still doing their thing. Children who otherwise would be sorted out by a responsible parent are drugged up to control miscreant behavior. “Hugs are better than drugs,” but touching is out.

A large number of the general population is on some sort of mood drug. Many people take mood drugs to “even out” their moods. Doctors will tell you they have strict guidelines in prescribing mood drugs. In a society that seeks mood adjustment every waking moment, there are no guidelines. Mood drugs contain many people in nursing facilities, some necessary, most as a substitute for hands-on care.

We live in a drugged-up world, where even “normal” people are forced to take mood medications. So who are we, as a society, to tell anyone what drug they can take, at any age?

Edmond Day


Taxing rich takes away Americans’ motivation

There has been a lot of talk about taxing the wealthy. [Proponents] all say the purpose is to reduce the deficit, but we all know that is a fallacy. Increasing tax rates on the wealthy by the amount being proposed will only fund the government for a couple of months at best. It will lower the annual deficit by as much as 10 percent, still leaving a deficit of $1 trillion.

So what is the real reason? I have to ask these people: Is someone who is wealthy hurting them in some way? Do the wealthy take food off their tables? Do they take clothes off their backs? Do they take their shelter away? What is it that gives them the audacity to demand that the government take money away from the wealthy? Do they hope to gain more wealth? [It’s] not going to happen.

Not too long ago, the people of this nation aspired to do better than their parents, and their parents worked hard to give their children the opportunity to do better than them. Now we aspire to have the government forcibly take money from someone who happens to make more money than you. What kind of nation have we become?

The president, Democrats, and even Republicans all talk about helping the middle class. The dirty little secret is that is what they want everyone to be — only middle class. They don’t want anyone to be wealthy, except themselves. That is what progressives do. They want to control you and tell you what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and where to do it. They believe they know better than you how to live your life.

And the ignoramuses are brainwashed by it. If we continue down this road, we will end up poorer and without our freedom.

This nation was made great not by taking money by force from wealthier people but by creating, building, and making new and improved things. And yes, along the way they made money, lots of money.

People calling for raising tax rates on the wealthy call the wealthy greedy. I say those people are envious.

John A. Gaetani


Senate Dems got offer they couldn’t refuse

Republican state Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos reminds me of Don Corleone.

Like the Godfather, Skelos has all the politicians in his pocket, keeping him in power. He will purchase the votes of Democratic Sen. Simcha Felder, along with Independent Democratic Caucus members Jeff Klein, David Carlucci, David Valesky and Diane Savino.

His offers of salary lulus, committee chairmanships, sponsorship and passage of favorable legislation promoted by their own “pay-for-play” campaign contributors, hidden earmarks buried under quasi-state agencies, along with extra funds for additional staff, district offices and mailings, can’t be refused. All five are puppets, while Godfather Skelos pulls the strings.

There are no politically pure virgins in Albany. Everyone has a price for selling out to the highest bidder.

Larry Penner

Great Neck

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