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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 01/20/2018

Republican lawyers need to back off and let votes be counted

Republican lawyers need to back off and let votes be counted

  • Republican lawyers need to back off and let votes be counted
  • Excessive borrowing will com
  • Republican lawyers need to back off and let votes be counted

    This past Election Day, thousands of good citizens in the state’s new 46th Senate District took time out of their lives to go vote. Those who were unable to go to the polls in their communities made the special and commendable effort to apply for, and cast, absentee ballots. But the counting in the Cecilia Tkaczyk/George Amedore race is still ongoing. About 900 combined absentee and affidavit ballots are being disputed as to their legality, with Republican lawyers objecting to the vast majority.

    I say it is important to have all valid ballots counted. But it appears that the Republican gang of lawyers is making every effort to obstruct the true count. They are making frivolous objections to honest ballots.

    Objecting to [Rep.] Paul Tonko’s parents absentee ballots? Give me a break! Next they’re saying that objections to the Montgomery County Supreme Court determinations are “inevitable.”

    It sounds like they are just trying to delay the inevitable.

    Ken Mazur


    Excessive borrowing will come with consequences

    Re Nov. 18 article, “‘Fiscal cliff’ is bogus scare tactic by Obama’s opponents”: According to Mark Weisbrot [writing for McClatchy Newspapers] it is easy, and not expensive, for the federal government to borrow money. So he recommends we borrow more. But he doesn’t address the much more difficult part of paying back the borrowed money.

    Weisbrot apparently assumes that the money will never have to be paid back. He obviously doesn’t understand real world economics. To make matters worse, Obama budget projections show we will have an additional annual deficit of $1 trillion — making our debt $20 trillion in 2016.

    In Greece and in other European states, they are realizing what a huge mistake it is to not worry about the payback. Greece waited way too long to find out, and they are suffering and will suffer a very long time.

    Weisbrot notes that the interest on our current $16 trillion debt is low. Of course, the Fed is keeping interest artificially low by continuing its policy of low interest for as long as 2015. At the same time Weisbrot wants the government to create jobs — as we all do. But the reason the Fed can keep interest rates down is that the economy is not growing and not creating jobs.

    If and when the economy and jobs grow, the demand for money to support the growth will cause interest rates to rise and inflation to increase. At a more normal long-term interest on government bonds, the interest on our expected $20 trillion would be about $1 trillion annually.

    Weisbrot seems unable to see the relationship between today’s current, unique situation and the need for actions such as reducing the horrendous debt to promote long-term prosperity. The U.S. Treasury 10-year bond yield is now 1.6 percent. The Federal Reserve’s target for long-term inflation is 2 percent. Thus, anyone buying a 10-year bond is getting negative return. This can’t last.

    I wish life were as simple as seen by Weisbrot, so we could keep borrowing and not have to repay the borrowed money.

    Don Cazer


    It’s time for Israel, Arabs to bury the hatchet

    Thanks heavens that Israel and Hamas have reached a truce brokered by Egypt with the help of the United States.

    Whether people know it or not, all parties in this area of the world are all brothers and family under the umbrella of Abraham. Those whoknow the Bible are aware of this.

    There are so many factions in the Arab world and Israel, it’s almost next to impossible to think the same way. Egypt, being the strong force in the Arab world, is wise enough to know that peace with Israel is good for the entire region and the entire world.

    Israel has so much to offer to the Arab world and the rest of the world. Israel is the birthplace of most religions; it should be a land of peace for all to come visit and be closer to their religions. It’s a great feeling to be in the holy land.

    Israel offers so much to its Arab brothers: It gives them a place to work and learn a better way of life, there is lots of land that can be used for farming and living a life of peace and friendship.

    I know this is tough to do especially when certain factions say we want to drive Israel into the sea and do away with Israel. Even under these circumstances, a lasting peace can be had if all major players want it that way. It won’t be easy, but it can be done.

    We’ve had enough wars — it’s time for a lasting peace.

    Sid Gordon


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