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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 01/17/2018

Media abets Obama effort to hide truth about Benghazi

Media abets Obama effort to hide truth about Benghazi

*Media abets Obama effort to hide truth about Benghazi *Politicians need to stop interfering with re

Media abets Obama effort to hide truth about Benghazi

Re the Dec. 1 editorial cartoon depicting Sens. John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Kelly Ayotte on a box of “Rice Konspiracies” as Snap, Krackle and Pop stirring a bowl of politics: It troubles me that four Americans died needlessly in Benghazi on Sept. 11, and when we really need the press to dig for the truth, all we get are cartoons and reports on the third page about such a grave and tragic story.

These three senators are seeking answers on behalf of the families of the four who were slain, and also for many of us who don’t have a voice. Hopefully, they will be able to form a select committee to continue their search for more answers, because it is so apparent that the liberal press has the same agenda as the ones they walk hand in hand with.

Day after day, the media carry the water for those in high places who are obfuscating, stonewalling and trying to bury the truth about what happened over there almost three months ago.

The president was angry because these senators had questioned [U.N. Ambassador] Susan Rice as one part of a search they were conducting to find the truth. As far as Susan Rice is concerned, anyone not living in a cave at the time knows she went out at the president’s request, five days after the attack, and blamed it on an “anti-Muslim video” and also said that “al-Qaida was decimated.” We all know that was false, just as she knew it. What is even worse is that what happened in Benghazi need not have happened at all.

“Konspiracies?” Politics? The only politics being played are those that were played before, during and are now still being played by this administration as they seek to cover up the needless deaths of four Americans in an embassy that should have been protected and wasn’t.

Alice Baum


Politicians need to stop interfering with religion

Re E.J. Dionne’s Nov. 26 column [“Catholic bishops need to tone down the politics”], stating bishops should stay out of politics: I venture to say politicians, stay out of religion.

Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia has every right to inform us of the dangers of government getting involved in religion. We are slowly losing religious freedom because of “government invasion.”

Because Archbishop Chaput recognizes certain political agendas, he is obliged to tell his community. That’s what a leader does, and he was not in fear of passing along this information.

God bless Archbishop Chaput and all others willing to speak out.

Noreen Gulnick


Coalition grows to stop Constitution Pipeline

Attending two recent FERC [Federal Energy Regulatory Commission] open houses, I witnessed a marvelous transformation in the people speaking out against the Constitution Pipeline.

In Schoharie, a coalition of like-minded individuals formed “Stop the Pipeline.” There were geologists, biologists, teachers, lawyers, organic growers, college students and more — even a nun from Texas who pointed her finger at the panel and scolded them for their greed, letting everyone know about the suffering of children in Texas where hydrofracking has been ongoing. The methane gas released into the atmosphere has caused the asthmatic case load to rise in Texas, equaling that of the entire United States.

The EPA [Environmental Protection Agency] will not protect us. Shortly after Dick Cheney became vice president, he signed off on an exemption for the gas industry. They don’t have to comply with the Clean Air and Water acts. When the powerful with deep pockets want something, everything and everyone is expendable.

The attendees spoke about trees, karst terrain, fault lines, frogs, clean air and streams, families, wildlife, aquifers, lowering of water tables and wells drying up, because millions of gallons of water injected with poisonous chemicals are used for the extraction of natural gas. And what’s to be done with the poisoned wastewater afterwards?

Despite hurricanes, recession, an uncertain future, these courageous people are speaking out to protect everything and everyone they love. And there is true power in their message.

Deborah Krol


Cop’s charitable gesture set a sterling example

I would like to compliment The Daily Gazette on the Nov. 30 story of the New York City officer who was so kind to a homeless man in Times Square. It brought a huge smile to my face.

This young man’s kindness shows us what we were created to do: give to each other and take care of each other. Life is short, and we should make the best of it by living the way we were born to do. Take the time to reach out to people in need, as Officer Larry DePrimo did. He is the perfect example of God’s gift of life.

Wouldn’t this be a much better place for all to live in if more people were like DePrimo? This shows me that there are people out there who actually care for their fellow human beings. All it takes is a few minutes of kindness.

Would it hurt to compliment someone who has done a good job at whatever they do, or to lend a hand to someone who may need it? Could you give your time or a few dollars to the poor?

Growing up in the ’50s, I was blessed to have a wonderful family and extended family who taught me to share. If someone needed something and I was able to give it to them, I did. I still try to do that today. A kind word or a few dollars or an hour here or there can make such a difference in a person’s life.

I challenge everyone reading this to take the time to help their neighbor or homeless or invalid person this year. Not just at Christmas time, but the whole year through. You will be amazed how wonderful it makes you feel to give freely of your time and talents.

Jackie Tegiacchi


Front-page accident picture too graphic

What were you thinking? During the day on Sunday [Dec. 2], most people learned about the terrible tragedy on the Northway Saturday night.

The details were heartbreaking to all of us. But unless you have experienced the sudden death of a child, you can’t really know what the families are experiencing. I know I thought about it all day, and it is difficult to find the words, if there are any, to write about this tragedy.

But when I saw the picture and headline on your front page Monday morning [Dec. 3], I could not find any good reason for doing this. I was stunned to find a picture of the mangled car on the front page with huge headlines about their deaths.

My heart goes out to the family and friends that woke up from an extremely difficult night, and found a picture of the car which took the life of two wonderful children and injured two others.

How will they ever get this picture out of their minds? How will any of us?

DeeAnn Moffitt


Gambling a good way to balance federal budget

Most rich people can probably afford to pay a little more in taxes, but the real money is elsewhere.

How about taking a stronger look at federal and state laws with a goal of raising more dollars as painlessly as possible.

Here are two ideas:

1) Institute a federal lottery. And take the outcry that it might produce and throw it in the trash where it belongs. This could be a real bonanza.

2) Legalize gambling and rake in a Mount Everest of tax dough from legal bookies. Don’t worry about the outcry. Another bonanza, no doubt about it.

What we need are leaders with guts and ability who are willing to be a little daring. And opinion-makers like the Gazette who aren’t scared of self-appointed protectors of morality.

Bill Fenwick


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