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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 01/19/2018

Letters to the Editor for Jan. 7

Letters to the Editor for Jan. 7

  • Coyotes are dangerous; hunting them makes New York a safer place
  • Al Gore sells TV station
  • Coyotes are dangerous; hunting them makes New York a safer place

    Re the Dec. 27 letter, “Coyotes vital to New York’s balance of nature”: I disagree with Jeff Corbin’s opinion that coyotes should not be hunted.

    I have witnessed that hunters are doing a service to control their numbers. On one occasion, I was standing next to my barn and heard seven different packs of coyotes howling and barking.

    Three of the packs were on my farm and the other four were within one mile of my place.

    It sounded like there were four to five in each pack. That is 30 to 35 coyotes in a two-mile radius.

    On another occasion, the farmer who leases my fields was picking rocks prior to planting. She was driving the tractor while her older girls were loading the rocks into the bucket. Her younger girls were on the edge of the field, sitting down playing with a frog.

    Just as mom turned her head to check on her five-year-old, she saw a coyote racing across the field toward her daughters.

    By the time she got to the tractor, the coyote was circling her [daughter]. She raced the engine and that scared off the coyote.

    This could have turned out much different if she had not checked on her daughters at that moment.

    I think we should thank hunters for their part in keeping the coyote numbers in check!

    Don Reinhart


    Al Gore sells TV station to Al-Jazeera: huh?

    As usual, I don’t know what to make of the news I’m currently reading.

    Al Gore, former vice president of the United States, has sold his television network to Al-Jazeera TV. When Current TV was approached by Glenn Beck several months ago for the same purchase, his interest was rejected because of their different ideologies. Does this mean that Al Gore finds himself more comfortably aligned with an anti-American propagandist organization?

    As if that weren’t difficult enough to believe, the United States is scheduled to deliver government led by the seemingly anti-American Muslim brotherhood. Yet at the same time, there is a debate rising in this country about whether or not I “need” an AR-15 rifle.

    Since when does the government get to tell me what I need? When do I get to tell them what they need? We’re giving tanks and fighter jets to the Egyptians, and threatening to disarm our own citizens.

    People, when are you all going to wake up?

    Jeremy Douglas

    West Charlton

    Keep up the Gazette’s great arts coverage

    It was a pleasure to see Karen Bjornland’s feature on the Arkell Museum’s annual juried art show [Dec. 23 Gazette].

    Not only did she give some background on the under-appreciated regional treasure, but I also felt gratified to see and read about some of the other artwork on exhibit since I missed the opening.

    Your Dec. 29 AP article on pipe organs also tied to another treasure in Canajohaire. The former St. Peter and St. Paul’s Church was the site of a holiday concert Dec. 14, which was enjoyed by well over 200 people.

    Eric Stroud, an accomplished pipe organist, and his wife, Jeanne, have not only rescued the gorgeous church but have created a venue for talent and a spirit of community. Upstate Chapel is open to all on concert dates, but your readers would likely value an article on how a talented organist in love with wind organs found the church and organ he dreamed of, how he maintains his position in a New Jersey church, and travels extensively to create and build a welcoming musical venue in a small upstate village.

    For me, one intriguing offering was to watch two screens — one of the organist’s hands; the other of his feet — while Mr. Stroud was playing, unseen, in the loft. I went home to see if I could find something like that on YouTube — no.

    We are very fortunate to have unique treasures waiting to be found not far from home — and the Gazette acting as a GPS.

    Betty Pieper


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