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What you need to know for 01/20/2018

Whatever happened to fracking?

Whatever happened to fracking?

Let me ask you something …

Let me ask you something …

•So what if he ignored natural gas drilling or “fracking” in his State of the State message, didn’t Gov. Cuomo at least suggest a brand new whitewater rafting festival as one of his answers to upstate’s dumpster-grade economy?

• What say we call it “An Inconvenient Hypocrisy”; and what, like you or I would not sell our souls for half a billion dollars as did Al Gore when he unloaded his failed TV network to Al-Jazeera and those high-octane, oil-stinking-wealthy potentates of Qatar?

• Would not things be a whole lot simpler if only Mitch Buonaguro, coach of the 2 and 12 Siena hoopsters, were not such a nice guy?

• Look, if the Mittster’s son is correct and his dad never did want to be president, doesn’t that prove that Romney really was in remarkable sync with the American people?

• It was just a joke, just Joe being Joe, when Vice President Biden wisecracked “spread your legs, you’re gonna be frisked” to the husband of a new senator he was swearing in, causing a few feminists to yelp — but how loud would the yelping be had it been a Republican making the innocuous yuk-yuk?

• You’re not going to be surprised, are you, when Trey Smith, special prosecutor in the interminable Troy voter fraud investigation, shuts it all down and drops the remaining two trials after going 0-2-2 in convictions after trial — no wins, two acquittals and two hung juries?

•Could it be the funniest ad on TV right now: “Hey Rodgers, Discount Double Check”?

• Maybe it’s just me or maybe it’s Gov. Cuomo’s usual stemwinder oratory, but didn’t he seem to stumble and stammer an awful lot during that State of the State performance?

• Can you say with a straight face that, after watching the first half of ’Bama and the Irish on Monday night, that it never even entered your mind, referring of course to the Little League “mercy rule” where the game gets called if one team is leading by 10 or more runs at the completion of four innings?

• As frustrating and even exasperating as it was — waiting for a solution to the “fiscal cliff” — how in the world could Chuck Todd, point man for NBC News, refer to Congressional “hijinks” and “shenanigans” when this fight over spending and debt may be the most crucial in decades on Capitol Hill?

• Let’s be honest — were you among the thousands of guys at watercoolers across the U.S. of A. on Monday morning, lyin’ and denyin’ about watching the first installment of season three of the “Downton Abbey” soap opera?

• So now that ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel is going head-to-head with Leno and Letterman, any chance that Dave might hire some new writers capable of something beyond the nightly “Romney is rich,” and “Chris Christie is fat” efforts?

• While Hillary and Andrew continue bidin’ their time, sure don’t look like Biden is bidin’ (as in his “fiscal cliff” and gun control roles), does it?

• Tell me again: Is it “feed a cold and starve a fever or is it … ;” or should I just forget it and keep feeding both of them?

• Please, will someone help that local anchorman who, in reporting on a possible gas leak at the firemen’s home in Hudson, said it was in “the Catskills?”

• Would it really surprise you if the airlines start charging for duct tape — just on the off-chance that they do have to tie and bind you in your seat during the flight?

• And if the Redskins had won, what do you think, might Mike Shanahan have rented a wheelchair so he could send Robert Griffin III out onto the field this weekend (“Uh, I dunno, he limps just fine to me”)?

• Am I the only viewer who immediately switches the channel (even if it’s my own) when that disturbing, anti-smoking PSA about throat cancer comes on, sometimes leaving it on the turned-to channel?

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