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What you need to know for 08/16/2017

Gloversville mayor in uproar over gun control

Gloversville mayor in uproar over gun control

Gloversville Mayor Dayton King has waded into New York’s gun control debate, vowing that “my police

Gloversville Mayor Dayton King has waded into New York’s gun control debate, vowing that “my police officers” will not be coming to the doors of city residents and “demanding your guns.”

The outspoken mayor posted his comments on his Facebook page. The comments have generated more than 200 responses.

King, who ran as an independent and won a four-year term as mayor three years ago, often uses his Facebook page to communicate with residents of Gloversville on policy issues and other matters.

He began posting about Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s gun control legislation Monday during the day. “Get ready for the police to come to your house and get your guns in a year or so … they are passing the law now … after 11 p.m.,” he said. “These guys are bragging about this legislation, not realizing this is the beginning of a revolt by the citizens … This is NOT good.”

That post got 43 comments. They ranged from support for King’s position — “They will make criminals out of good people, anyone who gives up their firearm freely is an idiot! — to opposition: “You took an oath to uphold the Constitution, Mr Mayor. So did your police officers.”

When he posted his comment that Gloversville police officers will not be knocking on doors for guns, 59 people responded. He also urged people to take a stand: “This will create an even bigger black market for guns. NY State has just created another problem without solving one. It is a sad day when a governor who wants to be president uses the deaths of innocent children for his political gain. No child was saved with this gun law. Criminals will still be able to find guns. I’m in favor of stricter penalties for breaking the law, not increased restrictions or new laws. Today the law goes from 10 bullets to 7, what is next?”

One person, Paula Brown-Weinstock of Gloversville, wrote a lengthy retort to the mayor’s position. “I am concerned with the post for two reasons: One — it bothers me the way you say ‘my police officers.’ I thought a police officer’s job was to uphold the law and protect the people? You seem to be implying (and I hope I am wrong) that you get to pick and chose what laws they uphold and what laws they don’t. This is concerning to me. Second: I believe you are misinterpreting and misrepresenting the legislation in such a way as to potentially incite people. You may disagree with the legislation, but misrepresenting it is wrong.”

King’s response: “I will follow the law. We will attempt to change the law. If someone doesn’t sell or turn over their guns in a year, how do you expect the government to get them? Police officers will be expected to ‘go get them.’ I’m hoping it doesn’t come to that. We will be very peaceful and do it the right way. Unfortunately, until something like this happens, people don’t do anything. Now that it has, people need to take action.”

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