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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 01/16/2018

If the 2nd Amendment is outdated, what about the rest of the Constitution?

If the 2nd Amendment is outdated, what about the rest of the Constitution?

* If the 2nd Amendment is outdated, what about the rest of the Constitution?

If the 2nd Amendment is outdated, what about the rest of the Constitution?

Re Jan. 13 letter, “The 2nd Amendment was written before assault weapons" by Gary P. Guido, he not only showed ignorance of our Constitution but his knowledge of weapons falls short and is in the same category as the liberal anti-gun media.

Mr. Guido wrote: “Over the years as a sportsman, I have obtained rifles and shotguns for the purpose of hunting game. None of these firearms could possibly inflict the same devastation an assault weapon could in a matter of moments.” Obviously, Mr. Guido’s uneducated knowledge of his definition of what an assault rifle truly is, is in the same category as our own liberal politicians and biased media.

He also goes on to say that he has served his country. Well, I have to wonder in what capacity that was? Because any true veteran knows, or should know, that the black rifles in question today are not assault rifles and [are] the same rifles that were used in Vietnam War. They are also not being used in combat today in Afghanistan or Iraq. If that was the case, our fine combat servicemen’s death rates would reach the likes of what we have never seen.

These black rifles are the same type of rifles that were being sold to hunt woodchucks and other smaller game for years. I, along with most hunters of deer or large game, would never consider using a black rifle in caliber .223 or the 5.56 for that task.

As a matter of fact, rifles similar to the black rifles were sold in Sears, JC Higgins and many small-town sporting goods stores across our nation; they just weren’t black in color then, they had brown wooden stocks and were called semi-auto rifles in .22 and many other calibers.

Mr. Guido also goes on to say he loves his Constitution, too. I, myself, would question that statement, as would others. It would be like saying that the First Amendment was written before we had newspapers or televisions or YouTube to broadcast, so one has to wonder what does Mr. Guido mean by his statement that the Second Amendment was written before assault weapons?

Is he saying that our Constitution is no longer valid because it was written a long time ago and needs to be edited? Hmm, just think of the ramifications there would be if everyone had Mr. Guido’s thoughts in mind? Makes you wonder how many more out there are drinking the Kool-Aid?

Oh, and God bless us all, I can say that phrase because it’s my right and is protected under the First Amendment, or should we look at editing that one out too?

Rick Splawnik


The writer is a Marine Corps veteran of the Vietnam War.

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