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What you need to know for 01/19/2017

Ellis debuts women’s cardiac screening program

Ellis debuts women’s cardiac screening program

A new cardiac screening program announced by Ellis Medicine in September is now open for business.
Ellis debuts women’s cardiac screening program
Jane Golub, right, goes over the results of her Women & Heart Disease program screening with nurse Sue Bardin on Thursday at Bellevue Woman’s Center in Niskayuna.

A new cardiac screening program announced by Ellis Medicine in September is now open for business.

The Women & Heart Disease program offers women a $25 screening that checks their family history, Body Mass Index, blood pressure, cholesterol levels and electrocardiogram and assesses their risk for cardiac problems. The goal is to educate women about heart disease — the leading cause of death among that gender.

Women can call 243-3333 to schedule an appointment at the Bellevue Woman’s Center in Niskayuna. Screenings are available from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays.

Local philanthropist Neil Golub first proposed the idea for such a program to Ellis Medicine officials in 2012. He had shared a dinner with fellow Union College board members and ended up talking with Dr. Kathy Magliato, a cardiothoracic surgeon who told him more than 40 percent of women who show up to emergency rooms after their first heart attack are dead on arrival.

“I said, ‘Wow, really?’ ” Golub told The Daily Gazette in September, “and she went on to reiterate that women are vastly underserved when it comes to heart health. Doctors don’t treat them the same way. If a guy gets a chest pain, the family rushes them off to the emergency room. If a woman gets a chest pain, very often they don’t go anywhere, or are misdiagnosed or not diagnosed.”

The new program is expected to change this by raising awareness and educating women about their risk for heart disease — which is often considered an older man’s disease. Bellevue Woman’s Center is already devoted entirely to women’s health care, and the new program furthers its goal of being a “one-stop shop” for women’s health needs.

Golub’s wife, Jane, was the first to have her heart screened through the new program Thursday. She did so inside the Neil and Jane Golub Breast & Heart Health Center, a new offering at the newly renovated and expanded Bellevue.

Dr. Andi Nawab will lead the new program, which was announced at the 19th annual Women’s Night Out in September 2012.

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