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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 01/21/2018

History shows an erosion of the 2nd Amendment

History shows an erosion of the 2nd Amendment

*History shows an erosion of the 2nd Amendment *Al Gore chose greed over principle

History shows an erosion of the 2nd Amendment

Prior to Democrats redefining the term/phrase “assault weapon,” I didn’t own any. This is why I oppose a ban on military look-alike semi-autos, redefined as: assault weapons.

1) Definition: When Ronald Reagan signed the Firearms Owners Protection Act in 1986, assault weapons were defined then as fully automatic select-fire, commonly known as machine guns.

The act also contained a provision banning the ownership of any fully automatic firearms not registered by May 19, 1986. Rep. William J. Hughes, a New Jersey Democrat, slipped that provision into the legislation as an 11th hour amendment, known as the Hughes amendment.

This ban prohibited the further licensing, importation and manufacturing of machine guns for civilian use. Current machine guns could remain in civilian hands and transferred at $400 after an extensive background check. Thirteen states outlawed them — New York state included. Crimes committed by a legally owned machine gun in United States in 2011 were zero. Since 1934, there appear to have been at least two homicides committed with legally owned fully automatic weapons. 2) Redefinition: In 1994, the Clinton administration redefined politically the term “assault weapon,” to include military look-a-likes that fired semi-auto, had a flash suppressor, bayonet lug, pistol grip, removable magazine, and held more then 10 rounds of ammo.

In my years as a police officer, I never heard of a bayoneting. Again, those arms that have been legally possessed can remain in civilian hands.

In 2004 the Clinton gun ban sunset, reinstating the right to posses on a federal level. In New York, it remained illegal. In the 10 years of the ban, it had no effect on crime.

3) Redefinition again: Now the Obama administration is looking to reimpose the Clinton ban, restricting, licensing or banning existing legal arms in civilian hands, with no grandfather clause.

4) Redefinition again: Gov. Cuomo now defines “assault weapons” as anything with more then a seven-round magazine, which would outlaw about 80 percent of all legally owned semiautomatic pistols in lawful possession, — including pistols over 100 years old, as well as the famous M-1 Garands that are sold to qualified civilians by the federal government under the Civilian Marksmanship Program. Another is a .303 British bolt-action rifle, one that my dad carried hunting in the late 1950s. Historically, it is clearly showing an erosion of rights. If unopposed today, tomorrow we could be losing our muskets.

Erwin H. Splittgerber Jr.


Al Gore chose greed over principle

The infamous bank robber Willie Sutton was once asked why he chose to rob banks. He responded: “That’s where the money is.”

Al Gore found his path to riches by exploiting global warming hysteria. His book, “Earth in the Balance,” and film, “An Inconvenient Truth” (both works of fiction ), scared the beejeebers out of the gullible, people like [author] James Thurber’s grandmother who worried about electricity leaking out of empty light sockets. They were more than willing to hand over their money, purchasing carbon offsets from Gore’s companies, in order to assuage their guilty conscious over impalpable carbon footprints.

A clever shell game that profited Al handsomely: a private jet, a $9 million mansion in California, and his own TV network.

While serving as vice president, he began his crusade against global warming by requesting $3 million to fight a perceived enemy — cows. Bovine flatulence was causing all sorts of problems. Assuming he intended an impossible alternative, the request was turned down.

Undeterred, he pressed on. Fossil fuels were next, especially oil. It is, therefore, not surprising to those of us who long ago recognized him for what he is — a hypocritical fraud — that he should sell his TV network for half a billion dollars to Al-Jazeera — a company funded by Arab oil. The fossil fuel he railed against for years.

Ordinarily this should serve as a cautionary tale to those who have been seduced by man-made global warming propaganda, but I doubt it.

Vito Spinelli


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