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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 01/20/2018

After Iraq, Republicans have no right to knock Obama over Libya

After Iraq, Republicans have no right to knock Obama over Libya

*After Iraq, Republicans have no right to knock Obama over Libya *Gun owner for limits on assault we

After Iraq, Republicans have no right to knock Obama over Libya

Ever since the September attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Sens. Lindsey Graham (Republican, S.C.) and John McCain (Republican, Ariz.) have been accusing the Obama administration of either “colossal incompetence or misleading Americans” regarding the nature of the attack.

It is certainly important to understand what went wrong in Benghazi, and to correct any problems. However, the accusations by Graham and McCain have no merit and were forcefully refuted by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s recent testimony [Jan. 24 Gazette].

Moreover, any shortcomings regarding the Obama administration’s handling of the Benghazi attack pale in comparison with the shortcomings regarding the Bush administration’s justification for invading Iraq.

The Bush administration was, without doubt, guilty of either “colossal incompetence or misleading Americans” regarding Iraq’s program to develop weapons of mass destruction (WMD). Where were Sens. Graham and McCain when it became clear that Iraq had no WMD? The impact of the Benghazi attack was serious, but in no way compares to the impact of the Iraq war in terms of loss of life and economic cost.

I must question the intentions of the two Republican senators who seem very selective regarding “incompetence” and “misleading” by administrations.

Don Steiner


Gun owner for limits on assault weapons

As an avid hunter with a high-powered rifle and multiple shotguns under lock and key, I see no need whatsoever for the public to have access to military-grade assault weapons.

It is a myth that these weapons save lives, and the notion that we need them to defend against King George III-style tyranny is sheer paranoia. These guns have killed too many innocent civilians, and both the sale and the possession of them ought to be banned immediately.

Why can I not own a bazooka? Such a weapon is about as close to the muskets of our Founding Fathers as are assault weapons with 100-round clips. Why can I not drive a Formula One car to work? There are regulations on our lives for good reason!

Bloomberg is right; Cuomo is right, and it is high time for common sense to speak louder than the gun lobby.

Yes, we should improve background checks; yes, we should reduce gratuitous violence in video games and enforce existing laws, but we should also ban assault weapons and the large-capacity clips that feed them!

Don Rodbell


Shame on Cuomo for hurrying lousy gun law

Dear Gov. Cuomo,

I watched with drop-jaw interest your euphoria over passage of the recent gun control law, including your absolute delight in offering a sentence of life without parole for any shooter who attacks first responders. I’m quite certain it gave you a great “feel good” moment. I applaud the act but the real benefit escapes me.

Any person like the one in the “Webster” attack is just looking for attention brought on by a deranged mind. They either commit suicide for the notoriety or relish the two years of newspaper and TV fame while trials and appeals proceed through the courts.

Your new law is a joke, as it will not deter any of these persons. Similar conditions surround the school shooters and other mass-shooting perps. If guns were outlawed, these individuals would resort to knives or hammers.

Furthermore the recent gun restrictions have placed me in the apparent position of a lawbreaker, as about half of the guns I own appear to be in violation. But, then, other sections of the language signed into law appear to conflict with this interpretation. Seven-shot magazines, really?

The back-room-in-the dark-of-night drafting, without the benefit of proper citizen input of this law, is a despicable action.

I will happily join any action to repeal stupid laws that infringe on my Second Amendment rights, particularly any registration of any firearms I own.

Gray Pitkin


Guns no problem if people had morals

Re Jan. 22 letter, “Big problem isn’t guns, but a lack of morality”: Kudos to Doug Bennett for identifying that the big problem isn’t guns, but a lack of morality.

Finally someone has pointed the finger at the real problem.

Bernd Ettrich


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