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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 01/21/2018

Cops at stripper fest didn’t break law, so give ‘em a break

Cops at stripper fest didn’t break law, so give ‘em a break

*Cops at stripper fest didn’t break law, so give ‘em a break *Would-be immigrants must wait their tu

Cops at stripper fest didn’t break law, so give ‘em a break

Your Jan. 26 Section B lead story, “Cops’ stripper party draws discipline,” certainly shows the hypocrisy and absurdity of the application of authority!

I do not live in Schenectady and my connection with police is relegated to flashing lights in my rear-view [mirror] (not too often, fortunately)! We have a society in which police chiefs sell drugs, clergy molest children, and physicians abuse their patients; and someone has the audacity to punish cops for doing something perfectly legal and perfectly normal.

With all the crime and other problems in Schenectady, Mayor Gary McCarthy, Chief Brian Kilcullen and Commissioner Wayne Bennett took steps to ensure that “every employee ... and all of the officers ...” were interviewed, but they themselves “declined to answer any questions.” Now that’s integrity from the top down!

Why doesn’t the City Council, including President [Margaret] King, praise the midnight platoon for organizing such a safe and sane outing? Or, better yet, why don’t they spend some time investigating the skeletons lurking in their own closets?

Jay Murphy

Clifton Park

Would-be immigrants must wait their turn

Any alien who is in this country illegally is an affront to all the immigrants who came to American the right way. For example, people such as my father, mother, aunt, uncles and friend, who waited their turns.

My friend’s story is poignant. He was a 20-year-old Hungarian Jew, studying in neutral Switzerland, when the Nazis occupied Poland. His extended family (i.e., aunts, uncles) were lost in the Holocaust. My friend’s mother was hidden by the family’s Catholic nanny.

His father refused to go into hiding, was rounded up with his fellow countrymen and died on the way to the death camp. The body was hastily buried in an unmarked grave. After the war, the body was exhumed and given a proper burial.

My friend’s 17-year-old brother survived the horrors of the Mauthausen concentration camp and gained his freedom when the camp was liberated by the American forces.

When WWII was over, the family tried to return to their former lives and business, but their new freedom was short-lived.

In 1956, the communists invaded Hungry. The family’s assets were confiscated. The family made the decision to emigrate to Israel, where the mother and two brothers applied for legal entry into the United States.

My friend and his mother waited seven years before their numbers were drawn. His brother waited in Israel for nine years before he came to America. This is the way the process works for citizenship into our great country.

Today’s aliens think all they have to do is jump over a wall in Arizona, run across a bridge in Texas or ferry themselves to dry land and that such moves will entitle them to legal immigrant status. Not so.

The solution to the illegal immigrant problem is very simple: Identify them, give them a number and send all of them back to their native countries to wait for their numbers come up. This process worked for generations of previous immigrants. It will work the same way for future ones.

As for the children of current, illegal aliens, their quarrel is with their parents, not the American government — wait your turn.

Mary McClaine


Gun foes have no clue what they’re saying

Re Jan. 26 letter, “Gun owner for limits on assault weapons”: I have to take issue with the knowledge (or lack thereof) that Don Rodbell, who claims to be an avid hunter, exhibits with respect to so-called “assault rifles.”

The term was made up in the 1990s for political purposes during the Clinton years, for the expressed purpose of expanding gun control. Prior to that time, those rifles were referred to as modern sporting rifles. To the best of my knowledge, a military assault rifle, with the flick of a switch, is capable of being fired like a machine gun. Those guns have been illegal to own since the Sullivan laws were enacted in the early ‘20s.

If a civilian puts on a military uniform, does that make him a soldier? If one were to remove the stock, a cosmetic change, from a so-called assault rifle, and replace it with a traditional-looking rifle stock, is it still an “assault rifle?” The answer to both questions is a resounding no. This can be verified on the governor’s website.

And in response to a similar letter on Jan. 27 by George W. Putman, I have to make these comments: He asks why it is important to protect the “constitutional” right to own so-called assault weapons (modern sporting rifles)? I guess I have to ask why it is important to protect your constitutional right to free speech so that he can write that letter?

I don’t think our Founders thought that some constitutional rights were more important than others.

Ray Gawlas


N.Y. can ill afford aliens’ tuition subsidy

Let me get this straight: The state faces a shortfall of $1.35 billion in the state budget, yet our legislators are going to seriously consider providing financial assistance and scholarships for illegal immigrants [Jan. 22 Gazette].

We already provide lower in-state tuition for illegal immigrants at public colleges, so let’s just spend more of New Yorkers’ hard-earned tax dollars on a segment of society that’s here illegally.

I’ve got a better idea. How about taking that money and providing it to the families of legal residents, people who pay their taxes and fees in New York and could use some assistance? You wonder how the spending gets out of control? Just look at all the giveaways.

Additionally, the state keeps coming up with unfunded mandates for schools, and schools are laying off teachers and staff to provide these mandates. I’d love to see these same legislators balance a school budget with all these mandates. Oh, yeah, that’s right, they’d just borrow the shortfall and hope somebody smarter comes up with a solution down the road.

Doug Bradley

West Charlton

White cloud hangs over Sch’dy from rock salt

I have great concerns about the excessive use of rock salt in Schenectady this winter. Last week there were dry roads for five days and clouds of white were in the air every time a car passed over the roads.

We breathe that through vents in cars and vents in houses. Our pets walk in it, and if their pads are not protected, it leads to infections. Also, people [who] wash their cars can’t keep them clean for five minutes. The window washer mixes with the rock salt and creates streaks that, at times, blur your vision.

There are lots of environmental concerns: It goes into the air and rivers and ground; it damages shrubs, grass and trees.

Overall, it’s not good.

Dan Rigney


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