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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 01/23/2018

Ballston Town Board did its due diligence with Cappiello Farm

Ballston Town Board did its due diligence with Cappiello Farm

*Ballston Town Board did its due diligence with Cappiello Farm *Wrong to totally decriminalize abor

Ballston Town Board did its due diligence with Cappiello Farm

The town of Ballston is well known as a “Farms First” community. When I read the Feb. 13 Gazette article, “Livestock farm purchases Cappiello land,” I could not feel any prouder. This is a win-win for our community as well as the Cappiello family.

As reported, the Cappiello family received $1.05 million for the sale of the property. Prior to the sale, the family, working closely with the Farmland Protection Committee, offered the land to the town of Ballston for $600,000, which we all knew was an amazing opportunity for our town.

Unfortunately, they wanted an answer with regard to the purchase within one day of said offer. Please be advised that the individuals involved, including the town supervisor, knew that this offer was impossible to complete.

The proposed referendum was also illegal due to an insufficient amount of time to get that referendum on the upcoming ballot. The Town Board agreed to meet the very next day after the offer was presented. The deal, however, was abruptly taken off the table, and the family was offended that the town did not act quickly enough to take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

Please be advised that we, as elected officials, must perform due diligence when an offer of this magnitude is presented. It was also very possible that this purchase would have generated a new tax for the residents of this community. All is not lost, however, as there was a purchaser that will benefit this community tremendously. Please know that this Town Board will always have our community interests in mind when anything of this nature is presented.

I wish to welcome Buckley Farms to the town of Ballston. I will most certainly be placing an order for quality products from our newest farm. Congratulations!

Tim Szczepaniak


The writer is a town councilman.

Wrong to totally decriminalize abortion

Gov. Cuomo is moving ahead with a plan to remove all reference to abortion from the penal code. The rationale presented for this law is that in rare instances doctors are hesitant to perform late-term abortions out of fear of conflict with the existing law.

The law already allows for abortion at any stage to save the life of the mother, but occasionally a patient is in the gray zone, and doctors are fearful. If the governor brought together a panel of medical experts, and carefully reworded the law to cover these unusual circumstances, I would be reluctant to criticize. But instead he uses a progressive sledgehammer to obliterate any control whatsoever from our criminal law.

Once again, governor, I ask that you walk over to the neonatal intensive care unit at Albany Medical Center. It is not far from your mansion. Take a prematurely born infant in your arms. Look that baby in the eye (you’ll have to get pretty close, as their depth of focus is pretty short) and say: “Yesterday it would not have been a crime to end your life.” You can use the term “terminate” or “procedure” or whatever euphemism your movement favors.

If you can do this, and still pursue your new law, then my disagreement with you will remain strong, but respectful. If you cannot bring yourself to face the reality of your agenda, then I call you, sir, a coward.

To the voters of New York: Please do not be taken in if the opponents to this legislation are tagged as making a war on women. Rather, all voters who have been a third-trimester fetus at some point in their lives, and are grateful that the law protected them in that state, should carefully consider the implications of this law and the agenda of those who would pass it.

Norman Perazzo


Alleviate pain, suffering with assisted suicide

In the Feb. 16 paper, a woman [Jackie Tegiacchi] wrote a letter to the editor regarding assisted suicide. I sincerely hope she is never in horrendous pain. But I would like to point out a couple of things.

She writes that “only God knows when we are meant to die.” Medical advances keep many people alive today who would have died much earlier. For some this is a blessing, for others who are suffering with no real hope of recovery, there is no blessing involved!

When our pets are suffering hopelessly, we don’t cavalierly say: “Let them suffer, it’s good for them;” we mercifully have them put to sleep.

I think it’s a bit sadistic to think that pain and suffering are good for people. They will always exist in life, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t alleviate them where we can.

Pauline Boehm


Al Haugen [Feb. 14 letter] is attempting to silence Vito Spinelli because of his opposing conservative views.

Unfortunately, he takes his lead from our community organizer-in-chief, who feels a need to eliminate and demonize anyone who does not get in line and agree with him.

President Obama recently complained to The New Republic that he could get a lot more [support for] his agenda if it weren’t for FOX News and Rush Limbaugh. I guess this supposed constitutional expert forgot that it’s the responsibility of the media to protect us from an out-of-control government.

Apparently, Mr. Haugen drinks too much of the liberal, progressive Kool-Aid and believes everything Mr. Obama says. I suggest he’s the one who needs to “get a life” — not Mr. Spinelli!

Doug Faulisi Sr.



Yesterday’s column calling for appointment of a nun as the next pope contained conflicting information about the author. The column was written by E.J. Dionne, whose name appeared at the end, not Richard Cohen, whose name appeared at the beginning.

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