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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 01/18/2018

For this republic, NY Safe Act is unconstitutional

For this republic, NY Safe Act is unconstitutional

*For this republic, NY Safe Act is unconstitutional *Newtown shootings shouldn’t be used for politic

For this republic, NY Safe Act is unconstitutional

It has been said that an overwhelming number of New Yorkers want the NY Safe Act?

Really? So what! In this country, we are a “constitutional republic,” not a democracy as many may think. “We pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the ‘Republic’ for which it stands (not the democracy), one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

A constitutional republic is a state where the head of state and other officials are elected as representatives of the people and must govern according to existing constitutional law that limits the government’s power and establishes procedures or official ways of doing something.

In a constitutional republic, executive, legislative and judicial powers are separated into distinct branches and the “will of the majority of the population” is checked by protections for individual rights, so that no individual or group has absolute power. The founding fathers knew that even the majority could be misled or become corrupt, as could the officials.

So the fact that an overwhelming number of New Yorkers want the NY Safe Act gun control laws means absolutely nothing if it violates constitutional law.

Robert Barlette


Newtown shootings shouldn’t be used for political agenda

To create a law against our private firearms or magazines serves no purpose. It takes one bullet to take a life. Can you stop crime? No. Can you guarantee you are safe from crisis or the mentally ill? No.

Those 20 [Newtown, Conn.] children are being made martyrs in a political agenda that has been [around] since JFK in 1963, and hasn’t stopped killings yet.

Our kids have been kidnapped, sexually abused and murdered; how do you think those families feel? Nothing was done to protect our kids, and nothing will be done again to protect our kids. It’s all about getting our guns, and losing another right. Think of the lost jobs — manufacturing of firearms, ammo, and small business sporting goods stores. It’s OK for our federal government to supply drug cartels with fully automatic M16s and all the people that hate us with these guns, airplanes, RPG [rocket-propelled grenades] and more; doesn’t that tell you something? Don’t let your emotions override your common sense.

Let’s do something constructive to protect these kids — like cameras outside of the schools; an alarm system on all lower windows and unused exits that would warn school staff and alert police at the same time; a trained security guard with a detection wand and armed at the main entrance. How many criminals, mentally ill [people] and terrorists are crossing our borders? How many people have been killed on both sides of the borders, and who cares?

Our economy and jobs should be the priority; cut spending and reducing our debt. Our country is losing its common sense, and we will pay for it later. [The] NRA [National Rifle Association] is right.

Don’t let these kids and their families in Newtown, Conn., be an excuse or martyrs; their dignity is important in life and in death. Our hearts go out for these kids and their families. May God embrace these kids with His love, and give strength to their families.

Claude Rizzicone Jr.


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