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Gun bills shot down, as they should be

Gun bills shot down, as they should be

*Gun bills shot down, as they should be *Guns are what made America; guns are what protects America

Gun bills shot down, as they should be

On April 18, the U.S. Senate voted down six gun bills that would have been amendments to the Second Amendment of the Constitution — three of those bills would have led to bans on long rifles and confiscation of such. It was a great day to be an American.

Sens. Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand voted in the affirmative on every gun bill that would take away the right of honest Americans to purchase the gun of their choosing and voted “nay” on every bill that would have benefited the gun owners.

In short, they voted to gut the Constitution. I think the Toomey-Manchin bill would have had the best chance of passing and it did make the most sense, but what stopped it? I, as a gun owner, may have supported that bill, I say may have, except there was the one thing that got in the way, and that was the New York state SAFE Act. Let’s make no mistake. The SAFE Act was designed to confiscate firearms by turning gun owners into felons and thereby allowing the police to confiscate all their firearms — and for as little as owning a World War I bolt-action Springfield rifle because it has a bayonet lug welded on the barrel. Oh yes! A lot of gun owners don’t know that.

If you are on the range or hunting with this gun and it’s not registered, you can be charged with felony possession of an assault weapon. If convicted, your guns are gone forever. If that’s not a confiscation law, do tell me what is. I, for one, am proud that I was able to work the phones and email senators in other states and warn them about the SAFE Act and suggested that they vote down any gun legislation that would prohibit the sales of firearms in any way, manner or form.

I will be on the phone and online as well to thank those senators who voted these bills down, and I would suggest fellow gun owners in Columbia County do the same.

Someone asked me, “How do you think the parents of the children in Newtown feel about this?” My response was, “I am sure they felt betrayed but their betrayal did not come from the Senate or the gun owners. If they were to blame anyone for this, it should be Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his buddy Mayor Michael Bloomberg as well as the New York state Legislature.”

Let’s remember this was not a Republican vote, this was a bipartisan vote of both parties, Republicans and American-minded Democrats, of which I am one. It should also be of interest to our glorious media that out of all the gun bills that were voted down, not one of them would have stopped the Newtown shooting. Locally, I understand that many gun owners were not able to see this all unfold on C-Span due to working hours, but try to get the re-run online if you can.

There you will see firsthand how Sens. Schumer and Gillibrand fought tooth and nail against the sportsmen and women in our county — there was the real betrayal. These people came out and said to us, “nobody’s after anybody’s guns.” You should have seen them live on C-Span. After what has happened here in New York, I would never even consider supporting any gun legislation until the SAFE Act is repealed in its entirety. Then, and only then, would I give consideration to a bill such as the Toomey-Manchin bill — maybe!

And to other gun owners throughout the state, I say to you, we are all Americans and all bound to defend the Constitution. Let us not let this form of dictatorship spread, it is our duty to contain this plague and prevent it from spreading to other states.

So work those phones and emails and keep America free. God bless America.

Richard Graham


Guns are what made America; guns are what protects America

I think the fathers of the Constitution had in mind, and wanted us, to have guns for hunting to get food to sustain us.

But I think they had a more important idea for having guns — to protect us and our country, if need be. Our idea of religious freedom is being questioned. Merry Christmas is out, Christmas trees and the Nativity as well, and Christmas songs. A picture of Jesus in a classroom is out. Easter is out, and they even attack the Easter bunny.

I hope we never have to fight for our religious beliefs.

Helen Belfield


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