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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 01/20/2018

Northville residents really did try to bring back chimney swifts

Northville residents really did try to bring back chimney swifts

*Northville residents really did try to bring back chimney swifts *Libs blame everyone but selves fo

Northville residents really did try to bring back chimney swifts

Regarding the May 19 letter by Mr. James Meyers, “Northville’s chimney swifts deserved better” — oh how we tried!

We loved our birds and our parties on May 6 to celebrate their return. We enjoyed evenings around town listening to their chorus as they would gather in from the insect-consuming flights of the day.

We had no idea that on Dec. 20, a chain would be placed around “their” home and that it would be pulled to the ground, ending that part of our lives forever. Efforts to consider banding or stabilizing the chimney had been refused.

In January, we started a new project. Plans were found on the Internet for wooden chimneys built just for swifts. We could do this! A nearby landowner gave us permission to place it in his yard. A contractor was found. Pledges were promised (we wanted no cash) for $1,000 — wow! That should do it!

Then came the red tape, i.e., building permits, insurance — ouch! Then comes May 6 and they are missed!

Linda Mosher


Libs blame everyone but selves for military sex issues

The liberals who now falsely condemn the military as a bunch of oversexed deviates are the same progressives that pushed for male and female military personnel to share the same duties and housing (gee, what kind of problems do you think will arise from that situation?). This is the reality and inevitable consequences of putting men and women together in tight confines for months on end.

While this is no way justifies the actions of the individuals (but certainly contributes to the situation), who wanted women in combat and who first insisted upon a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy — only to then demand that gays be allowed to serve openly?

They are the same liberals who have instituted the ridiculous and dangerous rules of engagement and have constrained our effective capabilities on the battlefields, while waging a war on our military personnel’s right to openly display religious choice. The results of all such progressive demands and politically motivated policies have been an unmitigated disaster, with an increase in sexual harassment complaints, unwed pregnancies in the ranks and more casualties on the battlefields, as well as associated decline in morale.

All in the interest of social diversity. The military is not based on diversity, it is based on discipline. The liberal policymakers lack any common sense and foresight, while refusing to take responsibility for their own hare-brained, misguided and ignorant ideas and policies. In turn they blame the officer corps for a lack of leadership, while insisting that the outstanding men and women in the ranks are sub-par individuals.

Our current military has more to fear from this current crop of political leaders than from any enemy on foreign shores.

David DeVries

Ballston Spa

Keep controller elected position in Amsterdam

With respect to today’s [June 4] Amsterdam City Charter election, voters will be asked if they want to have an elected controller or controller appointed by the mayor and approved by the Common Council. This did not happen with the corporation counsel last year, as the council never did approve the appointment.

The mayor currently controls the corporation counsel position without council approval. Now to also give the mayor the power to control the controller, we might as well put in a dictator.

Where will the checks and balances be? Please vote no (even though you have to go to City Hall with two voting machines for potentially 12,000 voters — [I] hope they ask for identification on this resolution.

Again, vote no.

Sandy Roginski


Silver deserves to go for sex harassment cover-up

Regarding the sexual harassment of women by Assemblyman Vito Lopez and the cover-up by Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver: Mr. Lopez has been harassing women for years and not one assemblyman had the courage to expose him. He should be banished from politics. How arrogant of him to want to campaign for a seat on the New York City Council.

Assembly Speaker Silver should also be fired for agreeing to a secret settlement of $103,000 in taxpayer money to two women who were harassed by Lopez. This really infuriates me. Taxpayer money to pay for Lopez’s disgusting and abhorrent behavior. How shameful!

And Speaker Silver’s “contrite” apology is not sufficient to keep him as speaker. He was more concerned about protecting the Assembly than protecting women.

If politicians were fired for their offensive behavior and stripped of all monetary benefits, maybe there would be some honesty in politics. Wishful thinking, I know.

Shirley Guidarelli


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