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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 10/18/2017

Homosexual Scout leaders aren’t likely to abuse their charges

Homosexual Scout leaders aren’t likely to abuse their charges

*Homosexual Scout leaders aren’t likely to abuse their charges *A yes Nisky budget vote preserves i

Homosexual Scout leaders aren’t likely to abuse their charges

I’m sorry, but I have to respond to Gary Guido’s June 5 letter because it exemplifies why the ban on homosexual leaders should be rescinded.

Enforcing a ban on openly gay leaders only perpetuates the myth that they are there to prey on our young boys. Reality is that a parent needs to be way more aware of the individual who appears happily married with children, Jerry Sandusky being the most recent extremely public case that proves my point.

Having homosexuals serve as leaders would not put your children in harm’s way physically; it may expose them to things you are morally against, but my suggestion is to get over it. Chances are, your children are already very tolerant of alternate lifestyles, and crippling them with an archaic belief system and prejudices will only put them at a disadvantage into the future.

Jennifer Barnes


A yes Nisky budget vote preserves investment

Our family relocated to the Capital Region last year from California. When we were choosing a town to live in, we focused on Niskayuna for its great sense of community and excellent schools.

While house hunting, I was surprised that very closely comparable houses separated by the school district border, in some cases literally next door to one another, had great differences in valuation — some more than $50,000 apart. The homes in the Niskayuna Central School District were the ones with the higher value.

As a parent, I’m voting yes on the Niskayuna school budget June 18 because I want my children to attend quality schools that are a model for others.

But as a homeowner and taxpayer, I’m also voting yes to preserve the investment we’ve made in our home and community. The tax levy increase is on pace with inflation, even after the district lost $15 million in state aid and has cut nearly 200 positions.

If the budget fails, without college prep classes, athletics, full-day kindergarten, or arts and music, and with large class sizes across the board, you can bet property values — and homeowner equity — will start to plummet as newcomers to the area such as ourselves look where to buy.

Matt Wall


Outrage against Silver over Lopez insufficient

I am in utter disbelief that New York state women are not collectively demanding the immediate dismissal of [Assembly] Speaker Sheldon Silver for his $103,0900 payoff of taxpayer hush money to settle accusations of sexual harassment against former Assemblyman Vito Lopez. What happened was completely wrong.

Sexual harassment is against the law. Every single legislator that had direct ties to this case should be immediately dismissed. In New York, I guess it is OK to use public money to protect your own party’s legislators. The Daily Gazette ran only one article [May 20] that Assemblywoman Inez Barron had the guts to demand for Silver’s resignation.

A June 3 letter to the editor attacked [former Assemblyman George] Amedore’s record on women’s rights. Why is no one attacking the current speaker on his payoff? Why? How can Silver’s $103,000 of taxpayer money be justified?

If this incident occurred in private industry, Silver would be out the door so fast it would make your head spin. You wonder why we have a mistrust of our elected officials?

Well, don’t despair. The summer recess is almost upon us and we’ll all forget, anyway.

Dave Rakvica


Liberals not to blame for soldiers who rape

Re David DeVries’ June 4 letter, “Libs blame everyone but selves for military sex issues”: I am appalled that Mr. DeVries seeks to blame liberals for the sexual assaults in the military, rather than the people committing the crimes.

But I suppose there’s nothing to be done about it, since Mr. DeVries heavily implies that men have no self-control and therefore cannot possibly be held accountable for their violent and disgusting crimes (“This is the reality of putting men and women together in tight confines for months on end.”) Why do you think so little of your own gender, Mr. DeVries, that you think men cannot help but violently assault women?

I think it may be time for Mr. DeVries to take a good hard look at himself, because blaming liberals for these sexual assaults in the military is just plain wrong.

Kathryn Corah


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