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Time for Colonie to sell Stony Creek Reservoir to town of Clifton Park

Time for Colonie to sell Stony Creek Reservoir to town of Clifton Park

*Time for Colonie to sell Stony Creek Reservoir to town of Clifton Park *Freeing Gitmo prisoners is

Time for Colonie to sell Stony Creek Reservoir to town of Clifton Park

Before we moved to Coburg Village, we were taken by the fact that it was within walking distance of [Stony Creek Reservoir,] a great natural area of about 1,000 acres, including a large body of water with a natural shoreline. It is a reservoir in Clifton Park owned by the town of Colonie, which had determined it doesn't need and wanted to sell it. It has never been used.

Clifton Park wants to buy it and develop it for recreational uses, such as canoeing, fishing, rowing and hiking. We are still waiting as the years go by for this transition to take place.

At present there is no recreational use. Swimming is forbidden, as expected for a reservoir, but so also is canoeing, fishing and even walking around the shore. It can only be viewed from the causeway crossed by Englemore Road.

If Colonie doesn't want to use it, why does it forbid others to use it?

Colonie bought the land in 1940 and in 1952 built a dam 800-feet long. The capacity of the reservoir is 1.4 billion gallons. The estimated cost of the dam was $1.25 million. It is not a very good reservoir, as the drainage area of 11.2 square miles is mostly in residential areas and it is quite shallow. So even without being used, it sometimes has huge exposed mud flats in summer.

Clifton Park has offered $3.08 million to buy it back. It has been appraised at $3.5 million. Colonie is holding out for at least $8.7 million. The only bid it has ever received is from Clifton Park. It is designated as conservation land and can never be developed for residential or commercial use. Who do they think would pay big money for land with this restriction?

Perhaps we should do what we can to educate the public on the potential benefits to everyone in the region, including Colonie, of a sale to Clifton Park at a reasonable price -- and let public pressure come to bear on Colonie.

John Bigelow


Freeing Gitmo prisoners is asking for trouble

Re Frank Wicks' [June 10 letter] citing evidence of "torture and violating human rights" of the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.

First of all, he gave no examples of either in his letter. Next he blames the Republicans for keeping the prison open. When Obama and [Attorney General] Eric Holder floated the idea of bringing these prisoners to the United States for trial, public opinion was overwhelmingly against it.

Mr. Wicks suggests pardoning all the prisoners. Research online under the heading "terrorist recidivism," and you will find most sites agree: One out of four prisoners released to their homelands have rejoined the jihad against the United States.

Many of these prisoners want to kill us and destroy our entire way of life. Mr. Wicks mentions in his letter that this can be "neutralized by keeping them in the United States with willing approved hosts" and "wearing monitors to track their location." I suggest that Mr. Wicks be the first to sign up as a willing host should this ridiculous idea ever come to pass.

That goes for the rest of the "apologizing for being an American crowd!" For some reason, I don't think they would.

Marc A. Smalkin


What about the right to equal treatment in utero?

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has waged war on the most vulnerable members of our society; babies awaiting their birth. He seems to have an agenda that would make it not only legal but very easy to destroy viable life on a whim, under the guise of "women's equality."

The Women's Equality Act negates the right to life that all of us, including those whose hearts still beat within their mothers' wombs, are entitled. Does the governor truly believe that these humans are not worthy of the same protection as those of us who had the good fortune to make it through the birth canal?

Abortion at any stage is deplorable. Abortion in the last trimester, when a baby is developed and able to thrive on its own, is murder. People throughout New York should be denouncing this proposed legislation and calling it what it really is: infanticide. This is not a political issue, this is a human rights issue!

Lives yet to be born are depending on our voices to protect them. Please write the governor, your state senator and Assembly person to register your outrage, and demand they vote against the governor's bill.

Angela Caraher


The writer is the pastoral associate for Lifelong Faith Formation at Our Lady of Fatima in Delanson.

Freedom too important to sacrifice for safety

We stormed the beaches, climbed the cliffs and died by the thousands on those beaches, and in the deserts and jungles of the world, to preserve our freedom.

Now we are giving our precious freedom away to our own corrupt government to keep us safe?

In the words of one of our founders [Patrick Henry] -- "give me liberty or give me death" -- your price of safety is too high.

Bernard Murphy


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