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Cohen wrong: What we really need to do in Syria is stay out

Cohen wrong: What we really need to do in Syria is stay out

*Cohen wrong: What we really need to do in Syria is stay out *Gade et al. once again have rose garde

Cohen wrong: What we really need to do in Syria is stay out

Re June 18 Richard Cohen column, "Obama's indifference to disaster in Syria is indefensible": Richard Cohen is sure he knows what to do in the Syrian conflict. He writes, early on " ... I called upon the administration to arm the rebels and impose a no-fly zone."

Cohen continues that we should use bombing campaigns as we did in Bosnia and Libya since "no American boots were put on the ground." I find all the talk of jumping into another conflict interesting. We are still working through and paying for two major conflicts, Iraq and Afghanistan, where the outcome is still unknown in spite of the valiant efforts of all countries involved.

Now Cohen is pushing the president to jump into another muddled conflict -- alone, if necessary. Using bombers/drones to bomb "bad people" has gotten us in trouble with friendly (?) nations, like Pakistan, and upset many loyal Americans. Now, we are to give out weapons to "the rebels" -- which rebels? Who will be on the winning side for the good of Syria?

Cohen focuses on the loss of life involved -- 92,000 people. Sadly, this figure includes women and children and people not active in the fighting, as always. In America's Civil War, which we fought without major foreign support from Europe, we had approximately 620,000 casualties.

Although people around the world cringe at the death of innocents and the condition of the refugees, part of the answer is the Syrian people. They need to fight for change in their own country. It is unfortunate that regimes do not give up their power easily, but they do not. The organizing needed to defeat President Bashar al-Assad allows the Syrian people to find out who they are and what they need to become a united country.

Just as in Bosnia, the people have a right to fulfill their will, allowing that both sides fight "fairly," without outsiders imposing their will to get the best deal for themselves after the war is over.

Therefore, no, Richard Cohen, the president should not move more quickly -- patience is a virtue and, sometimes, a necessity.

Janice Walz


Gade et al. once again have rose garden looking great

As the Central Park Rose Garden is in full bloom for another year, I would like to compliment [garden operations supervisor for Schenectady's Central Park Rose Garden and a master rosarian with the American Rose Society] Dave Gade and his restoration committee.

If it wasn't for their ongoing commitment to make the Central Park Rose Garden bigger and better than it once was, we the people would not be able to brag about our award-winning rose garden.

I myself would like to see something labeled with Dave Gade's name. It would be only fitting for what he has done for the city of Schenectady.

Walter "Neal" Brazell


Women’s rights should not include abortion

It is a shame that the women's rights bill had to be scuttled, but at the same time, I have nothing but praise for the lawmakers who had the courage to stand up for the rights of viable, unborn children who, through no choice of their own, were conceived and carried to a point where they can live outside the womb [June 21 Gazertte].

How at this point does this even have anything to do with a woman's right to end a perfectly viable life? After all, that life, if you are so impassioned with women's rights, could be a girl! What are her rights?

It takes a lot of courage to stand up to this perverted way of thinking, to take a stand for these defenseless children and they [lawmakers] should be applauded for their stand.

The only reason why the proponents of abortion can even have a voice to indiscriminately end life is because someone cared enough not to end theirs!

Denise Crisci


Accused terrorist lives in Providence, not Galway

Your [June 19 article] states that Mr. Glendon Scott Crawford resides in Galway.

In fact, he lives in Providence and has a mailing address in Galway.

George Hargrave


The writer is the town supervisor.

Taxes are good for pols like Schumer, but no one else

Gene Whitney writes that businesses should essentially be grateful for taxes [June 21 Gazette]. What Gene fails to recognize is the true purpose of taxes, to win elections. That's right, taxes are not implemented to help business, they are implemented to help politicians like Sen. Chuck Schumer stay in office.

The more money our "honorable" senator steals from businesses and working people, the more power he retains. Career politicians are narcissists. That's what drives them, and the tax dollar is the means to the end.

If Gene truly believes taxes benefit business, then his next letter should explain why they've all fled New York.

Dave Dankanich


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