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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 01/23/2018

Cuomo the chameleon has been doing more for himself than N.Y.

Cuomo the chameleon has been doing more for himself than N.Y.

*Cuomo the chameleon has been doing more for himself than N.Y. *Throw out lawmakers beholden to casi

Cuomo the chameleon has been doing more for himself than N.Y.

While I applaud Gov. Cuomo’s recent attempt at some kind of campaign finance reform, I have to question both his sincerity and his timing. I hold the same sentiment for his attempts to crack down on political corruption in Albany. I believe that the million-dollar question to the governor is, what took you so long?

While publicly railing against the evils of corporate and private money to influence lawmakers, the governor has quietly been amassing a small fortune in just these kinds of donations to his own campaign, including a planned fund-raiser featuring Paul Simon. The price tag for this little gathering is around $50,000 per person.

Cuomo also still refuses to reveal the members of his “Committee to Save NY.” This group, made up of ultra-rich friends of the governor, has masqueraded as a grass-roots taxpayer group since its creation, and had resisted all attempts from the press to publicly reveal its members.

It has also produced the recent commercials promoting Cuomo’s tax-free business zones for new businesses near colleges while giving nothing to businesses that have survived the recent recession and continued to provide jobs to New Yorkers.

His highness the governor has been just as negligent on the subject of political corruption. These political scandals have been increasing since before Cuomo was the attorney general and personally prosecuting these crooks disguised as politicians. That alone should have made this cancer in Albany a top priority of Cuomo’s after he became governor.

Instead, the problem was largely ignored until the Malcom Smith bribery scandal and Vito Lopez’ sexual harassment case made it impossible to ignore. The payoff to Lopez’ victims engineered by Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver using taxpayer funds should have led to Silver’s immediate dismissal — but not in New York.

Cuomo, and other Democrats in state government, have yet to call for Silver’s ouster, or even censure. Incredibly, some have even given Silver a vote of confidence since he admitted to being the brains behind the payoffs and said he was sorry. Would any of us have been able to get out of trouble for bribing a witness by simply saying sorry?

The governor has been very good at passing legislation that will put him in the national spotlight, but never seems to put the same effort into causes that are important to just our state. When he finally announces his candidacy for president, which all political experts see as inevitable, which Andrew Coumo will we see? Will it be the law-and-order champion that we saw as attorney general or the master manipulator we have seen as governor?

It probably depends on what he feels will be best for himself.

John Angilletta


Throw out lawmakers beholden to casinos’ cash

I see in the June 25 edition that the governor caved in to casino backers and gambling by allowing the casino owners to contribute to political campaigns.

Wow, the Legislature didn’t like not getting money from the gambling crowd. Didn’t anyone check out the mess in Atlantic City and casinos that didn’t solve the city’s financial problems?

Time to clean house in the Legislature and Senate next elections.

Herbert Thorne


Bill made no mention of late-term abortion

In her June 28 letter, Mary Jones stated that the Women’s Equality Act (WEA) included a late-term abortion proposal. In fact, there is no such proposal in WEA, as can be confirmed by going to the governor’s website concerning this legislation.

The website notes: “This bill would codify existing Supreme Court law to protect a woman’s right to obtain an abortion prior to viability, or when necessary to protect her life or health. The law will ensure that New York laws are consistent with the law of the land. Currently, New York state’s law that protects a women’s freedom of choice is outdated and does not conform to protections outlined in Roe v. Wade and current state practice.”

Nowhere in the bill is there any mention of late-term abortion. Either Mary Jones has not researched the bill or is purposely misrepresenting it. In either case, her assertion is incorrect and misleading.

Roberta Steiner


N.Y. senators support illegals over citizens

As Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) determined by actually reading the bill, there is a provision in the immigration reform bill that will fine U.S. companies $5,000 if they hire a citizen above an illegal.

Why, then, did our senators, Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, vote for it? I contacted Schumer’s office, and they assured me that they read the entire bill before he voted on it. So, in effect, Schumer and Gillibrand are willing to penalize U.S. companies that support U.S. citizens by hiring them.

I ask you: Just what kind of political idiocy is going on in Washington?

Robert H. Semp


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