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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 08/18/2017

Paranoia over aliens unjustified, as is enforcement effort

Paranoia over aliens unjustified, as is enforcement effort

*Paranoia over aliens unjustified, as is enforcement effort *Glitzy marquee wrong for historic Proct

Paranoia over aliens unjustified, as is enforcement effort

The June 20 letter by David Welch focused on a growing lack of respect for the “rule of law,” especially in regard to immigration policies.

Mr. Welch did make some interesting points. But his concern that “illegal immigrants” pose a threat to this country’s stability was totally misplaced.

Most Latino immigrants work hard here as a means to support their families back home. These humble men and women travel thousands of miles to our cities and farms, desiring only the gritty jobs that local residents refuse to perform.

We could make that whole process easier for them. It usually takes years for immigrants to receive the required approvals from our government. That’s why they cross the border without documents, fully prepared to face deportation. It’s worth the risk if they can find work, which allows them to send money home to feed their kids.

Instead, federal lawmakers are planning to basically militarize the Mexican border. That will be great for security contractors. And we are likely to see thousands of new immigration agents enforcing ever more complicated policies. Few seem to care how many tax dollars already get spent each year on such activities.

I guess the equally crucial “consent of the governed” no longer matters, when the rule of immigration law reigns supreme.

Lawrence Goodwin


Glitzy marquee wrong for historic Proctors

Re June 26 article, “Proctors marquee will be replaced with digital display”: So much for the historical renovation of Proctors, paid for by many donations to help preserve this fabulous treasure.

Now theater management wants to waste $193,000 (including $97,000 in Metroplex funds) to turn the marquee into a Law Vegas glitter sign. What a shame if this is allowed to happen.

Time for our citizens to object to the ruination of our past efforts at preservation.

Dan Grygas


Education ‘reforms’ are hurting, not helping

Assemblyman Al Graf and Sen. Lee Zeldin have introduced legislation to fix our education system. It calls for New York to withdraw from the Common Core and No Child Left Behind.

The facts are in: These so-called education reforms are costing taxpayers way more than we get. They are just big giveaways, corporate welfare, for large Wall Street companies with highly paid lobbyists.

These reforms are just another unfunded mandate, driving up our property taxes with these expensive tests and materials, and reducing the quality of education by forcing districts to lay off teachers to keep within the 2 percent tax cap. New York state had one of the best education systems in the world, and did not need all this expensive, one-size-fits-all fixing.

Countries like China have come here to study what we were doing right and concluded it was our educational freedom, instead of focusing on excessive, high-stakes testing that made us great. Instead of celebrating individualism and praising our success, we chose to emulate the Chinese testing system, which crushes individualism and has created the race to mediocrity.

Please sign Al Graf’s petition to stop this unfunded mandate. Our children need more time learning and less time testing, and our resources to be spent on learning materials and teachers instead of corporate profits. Look beyond the propaganda.

Vincent Pelliccia

Saratoga Springs

We The People want public’s money back

A June 25 letter noted the silence following Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s payoff of taxpayer money to women to get them to stay quiet about the sexual harassment they had experienced.

The writer was correct as far as the lack of any response by any element of our state government. However, a group of New York citizens has now filed a lawsuit to force Silver to return, from his personal funds, the $103,080 of public money he used in aid of this private undertaking.

This is one of three petitions of redress filed recently by WTP-NY (, a new nonpartisan group dedicated to detecting violations of the law from the constitutions (United States and New York) on down. Their parent organization, WTP [We The People], has a good record at all levels of government and their leader, [Chairman and founder We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education] Bob Schulz of Queensbury, has practiced before the Supreme Court.

They’re hoping to grow to 10,000 members this year and ultimately to 3 percent of the citizens of New York state. What a force for good that could be!



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