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What you need to know for 01/17/2017

Time Warner internet modem fee about to rise

Time Warner internet modem fee about to rise

Time Warner Cable customers who get their internet service at home will be paying more for it under

Time Warner Cable customers who get their internet service at home will be paying more for it under changes being announced by the company.

In 2012, customers enjoying the use of free modems to receive internet service were hit with an additional fee, $3.95 each billing cycle, for using the modems.

Now, according to a notice customers are receiving, that monthly cost will increase to $5.99; an increase of just more than $2 per billing period.

At the $3.95 rate, customers were paying roughly $47.40 to make use of the modems for a year, now that cost will increase by more than $24, bringing the annual cost to use a modem up to approximately $71.88 over the course of a year.

Time Warner Cable spokesman Scott Pryzwansky on Tuesday said the rate is changing to meet with increased demand that comes with full support for customers.

“We've continued to deploy upgraded equipment and cycle out older modems as well as provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure optimal service for our customers,” Pryzwansky said.

Today, additional devices including smart phones, tablets and games are all accessing the internet, streaming and requiring high bandwidths.

“In general, our customers are using their internet services more than ever before. Our increased and ongoing investment in managing the network is to ensure the best possible internet experience,” Pryzwansky said.

There is a recourse, he said.

Customers can buy their own modems and these units have to be compatible with the Time Warner Cable service.

The company provides a list of qualifying modems on its website at

Once customers have purchased and hooked up their own modem, they are asked to gather numbers off the new unit and call 1-800-892-2253 to have a customer service representative activate it.

Pryzwansky said there aren’t any other new or increased charges planned for Time Warner customers in the immediate future.

“Time Warner Cable reviews its pricing periodically and implements changes based on increased costs associated with doing business. There’s no TV or home phone price changes planned at this time,” Pryzwansky said.

Rules governing what cable companies can charge are made at the federal level by the FCC, according to the state’s Public Service Commission.

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