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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 10/23/2017

Cuomo stacking the deck to get casino gambling approved

Cuomo stacking the deck to get casino gambling approved

*Cuomo stacking the deck to get casino gambling approved *Sch’dy police still aren’t getting the job

Cuomo stacking the deck to get casino gambling approved

The upcoming referendum to amend the state constitution to allow up to seven gambling casinos has been subverted by Gov. Cuomo, turned into an ultimatum to all who oppose the amendment’s expansion of predatory gambling.

Meant to paralyze opposition to the amendment from all quarters, Section 32 of the Upstate New York Gaming Economic Development Act of 2013, would, if the amendment lost, impose an unspecified number of new video lottery terminals (VLTs) on southeastern “upstate.”

Thus, a successful fight against the amendment would be punished by the imposition of a gambling system probably no better for New York than “up to seven” casinos. The governor’s “heads I win, tails you lose” tactics have no place in good government.

The referendum is about amending the constitution to open the door to casino gambling. The amendment promoters have subverted due process to make voters “choose” between two modes of expanded predatory gambling.

Arnie Lieber


The writer is a member of the Coalition Against Gambling in NY.

Sch’dy police still aren’t getting the job done

Recently, a teenage boy ran into my car on Crane Street. He was not on a bike. He just ran into it with his body. Although I was not driving fast, I thought he was hurt, and I was concerned.

However, he continued running while looking back at me. I later realized he was looking back to see if I was coming after him, which I did not. I immediately pulled over and called 911; the passenger-side mirror was pulled off my car. I waited 25 minutes and the police did not show up. I called 911 again, and they said it was reported and to just wait. It was sweltering that day. I waited another 20 minutes and still no response. I called 911 to say I was leaving. They said I could have left sooner, but I explained I didn’t want to be accused of hitting and running. In addition, I needed a report for insurance reasons.

The next day I read how a woman was [burglarized], and again the police department took an inexcusable amount of time to respond.

It is obvious to me that the city of Schenectady is fighting against itself. The powers that be are trying to attract people to move into the city. But really, who would want to move into a city with a police department that does not respond or responds too late?

Part of the reason they give is that many officers were on vacation. I run a business, and in granting vacation time I do not leave the business short on personnel. If I thought the business would be compromised by someone going on vacation, I would not allow it. This is common sense. This is good business practice.

Barbara McBride


Stop reading racism into everything that happens

I am tired of reading letters to the editor by people who take the Trayvon Martin tragedy and blow it up to accuse our nation of racism.

Do the doctors and nurses in the thousands of emergency rooms in this country turn away those who are not their skin color, ethnicity, sex, age, or status of citizenship? Do the thousands of Red Cross volunteers who come to the aid of people in trouble do nothing to help, or not provide food and shelter because they are not like themselves?

How about the millions of volunteer firefighters, emergency technicians and paramedics who drop everything to come to the aid of strangers in distress, not knowing anything about them? My God, they could be of a different color.

What about the police officers, firefighters and EMS [emergency medical service] personnel who rushed into the World Trade Center on 9/11? There was every race, creed, sex, age and nationality on the face of this earth in those buildings. Were the white men in a fire company who were caught in a stairway when the North Tower collapsed racists when they were trying to save an elderly, exhausted black woman? They could have exited the building before it collapsed if it weren’t for her.

How about laying off this racism stuff for a while? We will all be much better off without it.

Joseph J. Hehir


College kids have taken all the summer jobs

There seem to be a lot more 16-year-olds without summer jobs, due to the fact that businesses are hiring college kids to fill all the jobs.

It’s going to be a long, hot summer for our 16-year-olds, since they won’t have any money to buy something to cool off. It will be a hard summer for all those families, too, because it will be up to the parents to spend money they don’t have.

Hopefully, the teenager without a job will be able to stay out of trouble while their parents work hard to make money they can spend.

Walter “Neal” Brazell


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