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Letters to the Editor
What you need to know for 01/17/2018

Despite some personal lapses, Democrats still treat women better

Despite some personal lapses, Democrats still treat women better

*Despite some personal lapses, Democrats still treat women better *Media glorified movie that made S

Despite some personal lapses, Democrats still treat women better

Re Aug. 9 letter, “Real war on women waged by the Dems”: What Timothy Gaffney Sr. seems to be describing are all sexual encounters between men and women in “higher power.” How, again, is that war on women?

Most men do not make a woman do anything she doesn’t want, excluding rape and assault.

First, I oppose any type of violence toward women. Ted Kennedy should have gotten help for [Mary Jo Kopechne at Chappaquiddick]; as a woman I know that, but I don’t think that it classifies itself as a war on me or my kind.

As for that rest of the political figures he spoke of, it’s none of his business what they do sexually. It’s no one’s business.

Clinton was an awesome president. His sleeping with whomever did not affect the way the country was run. Did we have a surplus and no war? Lying under oath — OK, that’s bad. But he wouldn’t have even had to be put under oath if Americans were more interested in foreign affairs and the destruction that is happening at home rather than who is sleeping with whom.

Politicians and celebrities are all “regular” people, like you and me. Their lives are no different, and there are men and women all around us who engage in adultery, “sexting,” and prostitution; they are not in the news every day because of it. It should not even be important.

As for women, you choose to give someone your phone number, you choose to sleep with people; it’s a war on one’s self. People choose their path; do not blame the opposite sex.

If you don’t like abortions, don’t get one. Don’t like adultery? Don’t commit it. Don’t like prostitution? Don’t be one, and don’t engage with one.

Jasmine Roberts


Media glorified movie that made Sch’dy look so bad

Am I the only one disgusted with the reporting in this [region] on the filming and context of “The Place Beyond The Pines”? Is no one else offended by the subject matter and the city’s blind cravings for production money from a movie of a corrupt police force in a city stained by its police department’s criminal past?

One of the worst parts of it all is that the movie seems to offer up a gray-area moral justification for unethical behavior while leaning on a karmic revenge type of justice. Every story you hear, including the Aug. 6 front-page cover story on the Gazette, cover the fact that actors and actresses are coming, or came, to this area. Where is the meat of the story line and its ironic ties to this area’s history?

Real reporting is letting people know the context reflected and images portrayed by this movie, not the favorite lunch spots of today’s teenage crush. The final line crossed for me was when, on Aug. 6, Justin Mason reported, “Fans of Ryan Gosling... will get to see more of the popular actor ... one of the deleted scenes [contained in the DVD release] ...leaves him standing in nothing but a pair of blue briefs.”

Come on, Gazette staff, stop gossiping and start reporting.

We can’t condemn police corruption and what it has meant for this area

when we shower a movie that depicts such broken authority with blind praise.

Desiree Pauley


Schenectady has a great baseball heritage

Russ Vendetti’s Aug. 5 letter (“Baseball, pure and simple, 60 years ago”) recalls the wonderful success of Schenectady area youth baseball teams. Specifically, the 1953 Schenectady team that finished second in the Little League World Series, and an American Legion team, Niskayuna Post 1092, that compiled a perfect 22-0 record in winning the New York state championship.

Later, all Schenectadians rejoiced in 1954 as “Destiny’s Darlings” (sportswriter Marty Ralbovsky’s description of the 1954 Schenectady Little Leaguers) won the world championship, and two years later the Schenectady Babe Ruth all-stars won the state championship. Several of the players from those great teams went on to play professionally, and others played with the high-caliber amateur teams of the Twilight League.

Russ Vendetti’s letter serves to help keep our rich baseball heritage alive. That’s really the point, and Russ, as well as over 100 other baseball-savvy folks of the Schenectady Ole Timers’ Baseball Club, are dedicated to that pursuit.

Club members were honored earlier this month at Shuttleworth Park in Amsterdam for their work in supporting amateur baseball. Also remembered was club President Don Blaha’s feat of pitching a perfect game 50 years earlier.

Paul Moore


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